When You Reach Out
We’ll Be Here for You
Every Step of the Way

Steve F.

My wife and I retained the services of Bratton Law Group in the spring of 2019 following serious health complications of my mother. We lived in Florida and had no idea how things worked in NJ with regard to assisted living, hospice, Medicaid, etc. We didn’t know how we were going to ensure that my mother was being well cared for once we returned to Florida. Bratton Law Group came to the rescue! First, they assigned us an elder care coordinator who checked on my mom periodically. Whenever any issues came up that needed to be dealt with, she was there. Having a local advocate for Mom was a life-saver. In terms of legal help, we met several times with our attorney who carefully explained to us what legal documents were needed, how to deal with financial issues, and rules governing Medicaid. They were always available for any questions we had. When my mother passed away in January 2020, the whole team at Bratton Law Group was there to help us through settling the estate. The peace of mind that Bratton Law Group gave us was invaluable. It was very comforting to know that whatever came up, they would deal with it. In a time when emotions were fragile, and stress was great, having them in our corner made all the difference.
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