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Life Planning Lawyer in Atlantic City, NJ

If you or a loved one faces a serious chronic, progressive, or terminal condition and worries about what will happen in the future, life care planning may be a good option. A life planning lawyer in Atlantic City, NJ can help you address current and future care needs through this process.

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Understanding Life Planning in Atlantic City, NJ

Life care planning is a way of creating a plan to address your current and future care needs even after you are no longer able to advocate for your own physical, emotional, and financial health. Many of those who utilize these plans have dementia, Alzheimer’s disease, or another progressive condition.

Life planning includes addressing many current and future worries and ensuring there is a plan in place for each one. This allows you and your family to enjoy your time together later on without worrying about what happens next or how you will pay for it. When we create a life care plan, it includes:

  • Your current, ongoing, and future care needs
  • End-of-life care
  • Your financial health, including protection of accounts, investments, and assets
  • Taking care of common elder law concerns today
  • Planning for coordinated care services
  • Medicaid planning and asset protection
  • Paying for long-term nursing home or assisted living care

If you or an aging loved one has concerns about your current and future care, the team from Bratton Estate & Elder Care Attorneys can help. We want to walk you through the Atlantic City life planning process and put a comprehensive plan in place for you. Call us today at 856 770 2744.

Bratton Estate & Elder Care Attorneys Take a Team Approach to Atlantic City Life Care Planning

At Bratton Estate & Elder Care Attorneys, we work as a coordinated team to create a life plan that meets your unique needs. Our attorneys will create legal documents to ensure your wishes are followed, working in conjunction with:

  • Social Workers: Our social workers get to know your family and your needs, as well as helping to define your preferences and priorities as they relate to your current and future care.
  • Registered Nurses: Our nurses help us understand your medical conditions and care needs, as well as working to understand your likely future care needs.
  • Certified Dementia Practitioner: We have a Certified Dementia Practitioner who we consult to help us put a plan in place that accounts for progressive conditions and their increasing care requirements, including Alzheimer’s disease.

When our team creates a plan to address your current and future medical and care needs, we work together to ensure we consider every contingency. This allows you to make the tough decisions today and relieve your family member of this burden in the future. As a part of your life care plan, our team will discuss:

  • Your current and future medical needs
  • Your current and future financial preferences and oversight
  • Medicaid planning to ensure you can pay for future care
  • Powers of attorney and advanced directives, both for finances and health care
  • Guardianship
  • How to manage increasing care needs
  • Maintaining a high quality of life
  • Long-term care preferences, including in-home, nursing home and assisted living options

Your life planning lawyer in Atlantic City, NJ will work hand-in-hand with your family as necessary to ensure your life plan gets carried out as directed. This may include advocacy, coordinating services, legal representation, and other types of support.

Atlantic City, NJ Life Planning Covers Many Topics

When you trust our team to build a life care plan for you and your family, your comprehensive plan will touch on many different topics and cover a variety of contingencies based on your family’s unique needs. This may include:

  • Providing for your current and future medical treatment and care
  • Ensuring you live the quality of life you deserve
  • Protecting your assets and managing your finances when you cannot
  • Documenting your wishes for a nursing home, assisted living, and long-term care placement
  • Paying for in-home, nursing home, or assisted living care
  • Medicaid planning and long-term care
  • Establishing a power of attorney for health care, known as an advanced directive
  • Putting contingencies in place for guardianship or conservatorship needs
  • Putting your preferences for life-saving and life-sustaining treatments in writing
  • Documenting wishes related to your end-of-life care

To learn more about how life planning can give you and your family peace of mind about your future, call Bratton Estate & Elder Care Attorneys today at 856 770 2744.

When Your Family Needs Atlantic City Life Care Planning

At some point in everyone’s life, they will likely encounter a situation when having a life care plan could benefit them. Unfortunately, we all face aging, and chronic or progressive medical conditions are a part of that.

In most cases, clients reach out to us about life care planning following a significant health scare or diagnosis, or a loved one’s need for additional assistance with mobility and self-care. Life planning may be right for you if you or a family member recently experienced:

  • A heart attack, stroke, or another serious medical emergency
  • Diagnosis of a chronic, progressive, or terminal illness
  • Serious fall injuries including traumatic brain injuries, a broken hip, or other broken bones
  • A decrease in mobility caused by an injury, illness, or change in vision
  • Diagnosis of Alzheimer’s, dementia, or another similar condition
  • Decreasing vision
  • Inability to adequately provide self-care for any reason
  • Any other illness or injury that might make it difficult to live independently

If you experience any of these, or a family member’s condition is worsening, reach out to our team to help. You do not have to worry about the future. Let us create a life care plan so you and your family can enjoy your time together.

Talk to a Life Planning Lawyer in Atlantic City, NJ

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