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I was very pleased with the team at Bratton Law Group. As a senior and a widow, I was very nervous going to my appointment but Chris Bratton put me at ease immediately. He explained all the legal lingo so I would understand. The staff was great and very patient.

Mary B.

I want to thank Bratton Law Group and especially Chris Bratton for all his assistance in helping us to achieve my Dad’s wishes. We know he would be so happy with the results of the Trust.

Renee M.

My dealings with Bratton Law Group were exceptional. The staff was great and attorney Chris Bratton could not have been easier to understand. He put everything in laymen’s terms, which was very helpful. I would highly recommend this office. Thanks to Bratton Law Group I now have a relaxed mind.

Mary C.

I retained Bratton Law Group to handle my affairs at a very stressful and painful time in my life. They assigned Ms. Brittany Tedesco, Esq. to my case and she and her team applied a level of competence and compassion to my situation that I will forever be grateful for.

John S.

Thank you to the team at Bratton Law Group. You were invaluable in guiding us through the estate planning and Medicaid process during a very difficult time. You helped us to understand our options both financially and for elder care. It’s an overwhelming ordeal but anytime we had a question, you were there for us. I would highly recommend Chris and the entire team for any of your elder care needs. Thank you again.

Vinnie B.

The team at Bratton Law Group helped me get my mother to a safe place. It broke my heart to see her decline in the 2 years this all started. She lives in NJ and I live in Ohio. I wanted her to come here but she declined. That is when the team at Bratton Law Group stepped in and made life better by giving my family peace of mind and hope that all could work out. God bless all of them for their help!

MaryBeth J.

I would like to thank you, and all of your staff, for assisting me in the most stressful, difficult and saddest year of my adult life. Your office made the awful situation my mother was going through much easier to handle. I would highly recommend your firm to anyone I know going through the same situation as me and my dad did this past year.

Katie T.

Thank you to the team at Bratton Law Group for helping us get through the Medicaid application process for my mother. Brittany was extremely informative and gave me and my family options that we were not aware of. If not for her, we would be lost. Even after the Medicaid process was completed and the application was approved, the team was always available to answer any further questions that I had.

Diane M.

At our first meeting, the Bratton Law Group team impressed us with their knowledge of the Medicaid process and their concern for our Mom. They explained how the process worked and outlined the timeline and information required. All this seemed very daunting but the Bratton Law Group team assured us that they would help and guide us every step along the way.

Based on our experience, the Medicaid application process is not for rookies and we would highly recommend the Bratton Law Group team. The team was knowledgeable, helpful, informative, attentive, accessible and responsive. And, whenever we had a question, they responded within 24 hours.

Bruce R.

This note is to express our great appreciation for the work Bratton Law Group has done for our family.

We had the good fortune to meet Charles (Chris) Bratton at a presentation he was making at our parents Assisted Living Community.

More often than not, caring for the needs of aging parents requires a team effort. We continue to feel extremely fortunate that we selected Bratton Law Group to assist us with our parents’ needs. It is without hesitation and with great respect, admiration, and gratitude that we recommend them.

Bonni S. & Gerald F.

Faced with the problem of having to place a Love one into a nursing facility is a stressful, emotional ordeal for the entire family. Where are the places close to the family that are safe, caring and affordable? What will happen to our home and the funds we saved for our retirement? How can I provide for others in the family? What effect will This have on our children and there lives?

These and many more questions were answered in a clear understandable way when we met Charles Bratton from Bratton Law Group, Estate & Elder Care Planning Attorneys. They lifted the burden from our shoulders and guided us in finding a secure friendly facility for our Loved one and provided the legal documents to protect the family from future issues that might come up. The legal work aside, their Care Coordinator Anne a Markel-Crozier works to see all that has been planned is done.

Thank you Bratton Law Group for helping us.


Our family had retained your firm in April of 2016, to help us apply for Medicaid for our aging parents. Brittany was my main contact and was wonderful to work with and got our parents the coverage that was needed. Brittany has the had the patience of a Saint while guiding me with paperwork and answering my many questions. After the first year, we did not hesitate to renew our contract and she is still always available and promptly cares for our needs. We made a good choice when choosing this firm.

Cindy W.

My wife and I had been putting off re-doing our will and creating an estate plan for some time. We decided to meet with Chris Bratton after a positive recommendation from friends in town. We were very impressed with Chris’s thoroughness and attention to detail, I would highly recommend Chris and his team at Bratton Law Group!!

Todd P.

Chris helped me and my wife out with putting together a will shortly after our daughter was born. Not only is he friendly, he thoroughly explained everything to make sure we had the best setup possible. I would recommend Chris for all of your life planning needs. He’s an incredible resource!!!

Adam B.

Mr. Bratton helped us put together a great estate plan that will protect our assets and provide for our son should anything happen. He spent time with us going over various options and advised us on the best plan that is right for our family. Estate planning can be very complicated but Mr. Bratton made it easy for us to understand and helped us make the right choices. I would definitely recommend Mr. Bratton and his law firm.

Katelynn K.

I highly recommend Mr. Bratton for estate planning. Our family of 4 moved from out of state to NJ and shortly thereafter had another baby. Our will needed to be updated and Bratton Law Group had been recommended. Mr. Bratton spent a significant amount of time with us discussing our will, but also many options, including a trust, in order to best protect our family and assets. He explained the complicated laws and guided us through every step of our estate plan. My husband and I feel comforted that these documents are in place and Mr. Bratton made the process easier than we expected.

Jessica E.

Great firm. We refer matters to Chris and John and the entire firm is professional, compassionate, and hard working!

Michael D.

We are sincerely grateful to have found not only a excellent attorney, but also someone who is caring and understanding. He and his staff are a rare find. We couldn’t be happier with our experience.

Neil B.

I have retained Chris Brattons experience for my Last Will and Testament”. Chris took all of the complexity away from the process and worked with me to complete my will so it was easy to follow. Chris is also helping me fill out the papers needed for my closing on my new carriage. I find the whole agency to be extremely professional and easy to deal with.

Randy A.

I used Mr. Bratton between January 2016 and March 2017 to help me first with my elderly aunt’s Medicaid application and later with settling her estate. The work was a little more cumbersome than usual, as my aunt lived in New Jersey and I in Virginia. Nevertheless, my experience with Bratton Law Group in both of those tasks was as good as I imagine it could be. For the Medicaid application, Bratton Law Group charged a standard, fixed fee, which was pretty high, but I believe my aunt got her money’s worth. There were lots of complications (in my opinion—perhaps not in Bratton Law Group’s) and the process took over six months, but at the end the state of New Jersey approved my aunt’s application, for which I was grateful. For Bratton Law Group’s help in settling my aunt’s estate, I was especially impressed with the performance of one of Bratton Law Group’s lawyers, Brittany Tedesco. Besides being very knowledgeable, she was extremely patient and cooperative with me–despite all my naïve questions. And the firm’s fee was most reasonable, very much within the capability of the estate to pay. For that I’m eternally grateful, as the Medicaid requirements forced the assets of the estate to be minimal. If in the future I should need legal help in New Jersey, I will again turn to Bratton Law Group.

Michael W.

I truly see and feel the value of working with true professionals. Hiring an eldercare firm has been one of the best decisions we have made since engaging on all matters related to moving my mother.

Satisfied C.

As an unmarried same-sex couple, we were searching for someone who specializes in estates, wills and trusts and who also has an up-to-date knowledge of the changing laws regarding situations like ours.

Chris Bratton understood completely. He was extremely supportive, making us feel at home and well taken care of.

A.B. & N.B.

Mr. Bratton far, FAR exceeded our expectations, and my expectations are high! We had a peace of mind that we were comfortable with our future, knowing we are safe and our affairs are really in order.

Carol & Robert B.

Professional, engaging, polite. A pleasure to do business with.

Frank & D.

I have worked with Chris Bratton and his team to help identify and resolve current and potential estate issues. Chris is not only very well versed, but also patient and thorough in communicating quite difficult concepts and information in a manner in which my clients can understand and feel comfortable about. It is clear that Chris works hard to deliver solutions that are truly in the best interest of his clients and their families.

Frank G.

Thank you both for helping me start a new lease on life. I’m still finding my way without my late husband Louie, but this has been a great relief


Before contacting Chris Bratton, we were apprehensive of the process as we felt that it would be very confusing. However, after working together, we have found relief and safety in knowing that our children, their wellbeing, and their future are planned for.

Matt and M.

I hesitated working with an elder law attorney due to concerns about costs and timelines to implement needed steps. After working with Chris Bratton and his team, I’ve gained tremendous clarity on what we were pursuing, how we’d achieve it and when it would happen

Michael M.

The Bratton Law Group group was extremely thorough and professional and really did a great job guiding me through such a tedious process. I highly recommend them. Donna was on top of everything I needed and Chris is very accountable and trustworthy.

Anthony C.

I had the pleasure of working with Brittany Tedesco on numerous occasions; for Estate Sales for Residential Real Estate listings, my own personal Estate/Will planning, as well as her donating her time to come to my Real Estate office to teach a class in Estate Planning & Elder Care to the other Agents…. I can not say enough good things about Brittany and the entire crew at the Bratton Law Group - everyone is so nice, attentive & informative. If there were 100 stars to give, they’d get them all!

Nicole M.

The Bratton lawyers and staff guided me through a difficult time with their expertise and compassion. They quickly returned phone calls and emails. I felt I was in good hands.

Marilyn T.

Bratton Law Group was professional & competent. I’m happy to say that Brittany Tedesco and her staff took the time to respond to my questions via telephone and email. This meant a lot to me and honestly it set the tone for me having a positive experience!

Ellen S.

I have worked with Bratton Law Group both personally and professionally. I highly recommend them every time I meet someone in need of assistance. The whole team is kind, compassionate and always willing to help no matter the request. Highly, highly, highly recommend!


Bratton Law Group has been amazing so far. We are early in the process of a care plan for Mom but they have already privided a tremendous amount of support.

Jill K.

We hired the Bratton Law Group to handle the details of getting our mother and uncle approved for medicaid, and placed in a reputable facility. The entire staff was extremely helpful, courteous and responsive. I would highly recommend this firm!

Mark H.

Our experience with Bratton Law Group preparing our wills and durable powers of attorney was very satisfactory. Our attorney was very accommodating and knowledgeable and was able to answer questions to our satisfaction.

Judith M.

Five star law firm, and then some! Lawyer Brittany Tedesco and Medicaid specialist Megan O'Callaghan guided our family through the swamp of the Medicaid approval process. Instructions given were clear as could be; all emails and calls were answered most timely; and the team was so compassionate and empathic as we ran into hurdles with Medicaid. Though at first I thought the quoted fee was a bit steep, after all the dust has settled and Medicaid approved, I am ashamed of myself for thinking that. This law group works very hard for their clients and deserves every penny charged. At no time did they indicate that my dad's case was no way as simple as it appeared at first; they just dug in and got the job done. My family is over the moon with gratitude and appreciation. Look no further if you need elder law/Medicaid legal services.

Ellen S.

My experience working with Bratton Law Group has been nothing but excellent. I have recommended them to numerous people looking for assistance with applying for Medicaid, Power of Attorney, Handling Estate, etc. Their team is outstanding, but honestly what takes the cake for me are their Elder Care Coordinators. I’ve had the pleasure of working with Anne Crozier and Jen Hand and the compassion for what they do and the knowledge they provide to their clients makes them two professionals that you’ll never forget! I highly recommend!

Matthew J.

I had a very complex situation to deal with and the team at Bratton handled it with professionalism and detail. I am completely satisfied with their entire team and would recommend them to anyone in need of their services.
I can’t thank them enough for the personal care they showed and understanding of my situation.
Five stars without a doubt!

James G.

Our experience with the Bratton Law Group was excellent. Ms. B. Tedesco, Esq., was professional, informative, and patient. She answered all of our questions in detail. The staff was professional and quite efficient. The staff relayed our requests to Ms. Tedesco who returned our calls in a timely manner. We received a referral to the Bratton Law Group from a friend. We would certainly give a referral to our family and friends.

Richard F.

Chris and his team were extremely helpful. We got great advice and they made a very complicated process seem relatively straightforward. Its hard to imagine that writing wills and powers of attorney would ever be fun... but this was definitely a really smooth experience for us. We would certainly recommend them to anyone looking for estate planning services.

Mike V.