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Care Coordination

Experienced Life Care Planners Coordinate All Aspects of Your Elderly Loved One’s Care in New Jersey & Pennsylvania

Knowledge is power. Without communication, knowledge is difficult to come by. That’s why Care Coordination is the foundation of Life Care Planning. Years of working with families in NJ & PA who have been taking care of elderly loved ones have taught us many things. Primarily, fostering clear, open lines of communication between doctors, insurance companies, facilities and families is critical to coordinating all aspects of an elderly relative’s care needs.

When you are responding to a crisis, getting all the information you want from the right people – when you need it – can be not only difficult, it can be overwhelmingly frustrating. In fact, when trying to plan for the future without the guidance of an experienced Life Care Planner, there are many mistakes families make. The experienced professionals on Bratton Law Group’s Life Care Planning team will ease the process, reducing stress, take time to coordinate care efforts, and facilitate meaningful communication between service providers and your family. Contact us today for a consultation about your situation.

Why Do I Need an Elder Care Coordinator?

Caregiving is a round-the-clock job. Twenty-four-hours- a-day, seven-days-a-week, and 365-days-a-year; family care givers often feel they never get a break. Further, caregivers often have a wealth of other responsibilities – namely work, children, spouse, home, and so much more. Many people find themselves in a position to have to also manage the care of an elderly loved one without much notice.

Even if you have plenty of time on your hands and the desire to manage the elder care process alone, please consider that skilled elder care professionals at Bratton Law Group Life Care Planning have forged relationships with and have significant knowledge about the countless facilities, organizations and resources in your community. Further, you are trying to coordinate care for one individual. We have helped hundreds of families, like yours, navigate the often-tumultuous waters of elder care planning. Experience, much like knowledge, is power. When you work with our team, you get both – and so much more.

Bratton Law Group’s Life Care Planning Team Will Coordinate Your Loved One’s Care

We focus on two things: what’s happening right now and what will be needed in the future to ensure your elderly relative will get the very best care as they age. There are a lot of moving parts to elder care; living arrangements, financial issues, communicating with medical professionals and making sure you place the proper legal documents in place to preserve assets and protect your family’s interests. We will assess your loved one’s circumstances and needs and we will craft a personalized Life Care Plan that coordinates each and every aspect of care.

Further, you can rely on Bratton Law Group’s Life Care Planners to be your family’s advocate as you make decisions and manage your loved one’s care needs. We will be with you every step of the way, explaining your options and guiding you through the process of making the best decisions for your family.

You can rely on our experienced, compassionate elder care coordinator to:

  • Get a full understanding of your family’s challenges
  • Determine the best elder care solutions, including the right care facility, for your loved one
  • When appropriate, locate and organize in-home assistance such as a health care aid or medical equipment to allow you to keep your loved one at home longer
  • Offer referrals to medical specialists who can provide the care your relative needs
  • Deal with insurance and Medicaid issues, to limit stress relating to financial challenges
  • Coordinate all service providers to ensure the best communication and seamless continuation of care now, and as your loved one’s situation changes.

Emergencies happen. You can’t plan for them but you can be prepared in some cases. If your elderly relative is at home now, there may be a point when they need skilled nursing care at a facility. Or, an unfortunate illness or injury may require a change in medical care. We can help you plan for future crises.

From start to finish, you can rest a bit easier knowing Bratton Law Group’s Life Care Planners will be by your side, in the trenches of the eldercare process. We will make sure you understand all your options, advise you as needed and be your advocate every step of the way.

Contact an Experienced Life Care Planning Team that Eases Stress and Guides You through the Complex Maze of Elder Care Coordination in NJ & PA

Whether you are taking care of your aging loved one your home or theirs, or you are considering moving them to a skilled nursing facility, we can help. Coordinating elder care is a complicated process; many caregivers get overwhelmed. Contact us today. We will be your sounding board and you’re your voice of reason when you are weighing options.

More than anything else, when the going gets really tough. We will be there for you and your entire family. Put our knowledge and experience to work, ensuring your loved one is safe, well-cared-for and receiving the very best coordinated are available in NJ or PA.