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Death is one of the few certainties in this life. Unfortunately, the loss of a loved one is sometimes marred by legal disputes between heirs, creditors, and other entities with a vested interest in the estate of the decedent. When such a dispute arises, litigation may be necessary to resolve the issue. If you’ve found yourself in such a situation, you need a legal professional who will defend your rights and fight to ensure a fair outcome on your behalf. An estate litigation lawyer in NJ and PA may be able to assist.

At Bratton Law Group, our team of legal professionals will work hard to protect your rights and best interests. We understand the intricacies of estate law, and we know that disputes following the death of an individual can be dynamic and complicated. Whether someone is challenging the validity of a will — or if there was no will in place at all — it’s critical that you work with an attorney who can help you navigate these issues. Contact our law firm today to schedule your confidential consultation.

What Are Common Causes of Estate Disputes?

Estate litigation is a difficult situation to find oneself in. While everyone hopes to avoid such a situation, certain issues greatly increase the odds of needing legal intervention. Proper estate planning focuses on preventing these situations from arising, but simple oversights or mistakes can render this strategy ineffective. Unfortunately, the following issues will more likely than not lead to complex legal disputes or litigation:

  • Attacks on the validity of a will
  • Claims of undue influence
  • Allegations of fraud, forgery, or coercion
  • Disputes over asset distribution
  • Executor, trustee, and administrator disputes
  • Challenges to beneficiary designation
  • Tax disputes
  • Creditor claims
  • Contests over conservatorship or guardianship
  • Disputes involving blended families
  • Claims that the decedent was incapacitated when their will was created

These are all difficult issues, and if you find yourself involved in one, you may be wondering how to move forward. First, it’s important to realize that such situations are common. This knowledge doesn’t simplify your issue, but you can rest comfortably knowing that there are legal avenues available to you. An estate litigation attorney in NJ and PA can help you understand your options. However, the old saying that “an ounce of prevention is worth a pound of cure” is important to keep in mind.

Is It Possible to Avoid Estate Litigation Entirely?

When an heir or another interested party finds themselves involved in an estate dispute, they often wonder whether their situation was avoidable. Whether it’s disputes over real estate or who receives a family heirloom, the question of whether a simple act would have avoided the complication is ever-present. As it turns out, the risk of estate litigation in NJ and PA can be minimized with a few strategies. It’s always possible that someone could still file a lawsuit, but the following procedures can greatly reduce this likelihood:

  • Engage in clear and comprehensive estate planning
  • Regularly review and update estate planning documents
  • Maintain open communication with family members
  • Treat beneficiaries equally
  • Avoid any potential ambiguity in estate documents
  • Take steps to safeguard against challenges to mental capacity
  • Maintain thorough documentation of decisions, family communications, and changes to documents
  • Utilize trusts to simplify estate administration
  • Seek professional advice and guidance

Clearly, proper estate planning is the easiest way to avoid potential legal disputes after someone dies. Whether you’re the owner of an estate and want to avoid disputes among your heirs or believe a loved one needs help planning for the future, the process of “getting affairs in order” could not be more important. Unfortunately, many people don’t think about these strategies until it’s too late. If a death has already occurred, having a New Jersey and Pennsylvania estate litigator on your side is crucial.

Why Should You Hire an Estate Litigation Attorney in NJ and PA?

If you’ve found yourself facing fiduciary litigation involving a decedent’s estate, you may question whether you need an attorney. For instance, maybe you’re the surviving spouse — so you believe your right to the estate is clear. Then again, you might think evidence of a loved one’s mental incompetence is obvious — and therefore, a judge will clearly rule in your favor. Unfortunately, such assumptions often lead to surprising and difficult outcomes.

The simple fact is that estate law is incredibly complex. This is why money, property, and other assets often end up in estate litigation. Fortunately, an estate litigation attorney in PA and NJ will have the legal expertise to help you understand these complex issues. They can handle necessary procedures according to the law, and they can help protect your rights and best interests. In some cases, they may even be able to help you avoid litigation altogether or identify grounds for contesting decisions.

Put simply, it’s never a bad idea to have a legal professional on your side.

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In a perfect world, families would be able to focus on grieving while estate assets were distributed in a fair and just manner. Unfortunately, this isn’t how it always works out. There will be times when a family member thinks they’re not receiving a fair inheritance, or perhaps a creditor believes they’re entitled to more than the executor distributes. Whatever the case, taking legal action may be your only option for securing a fair outcome. Whether you’re hoping to avoid litigation or need assistance winning your case, the help of an attorney can prove invaluable.

At Bratton Law Group, we’ve seen far too many estate disputes tear families apart and tarnish the memories of lost loved ones. While state law tries its best to fairly cover all potential contingencies, the fact is that estate law remains complex. Claims of fraud or undue influence are common, and these are just the tip of the iceberg when it comes to potential disputes. Fortunately, you don’t have to go through this alone. At Bratton Law Group, our estate litigation lawyers in NJ and PA are here to assist. Contact us at (856) 644-4283 to schedule your confidential consultation.