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Life Care Planning Lawyer in Cape May, NJ

Life Care Planning allows you to take control of both your present and your future, or to put a plan in place to ensure the continued safety and care of an aging loved one. Working with a life planning lawyer in Cape May, NJ allows you to make decisions now about future care and contingencies, reducing stress and worry later. This type of plan addresses various legal issues, as well as your physical, emotional, social, and financial well-being.

The Life Care Planning team from Bratton Law Group, which includes not only attorneys but also social workers a registered nurse and a certified dementia practitioner, will guide you through the process of making decisions about your future care. We will listen to your concerns, as well as your priorities and preferences, and use them to ensure your Life Care Plan addresses your family’s most pressing needs.

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Life Care Plans: For Today and Your Future

Life care planning is most important for people facing a serious health condition or crisis. This includes:

  • Recovering from a major medical issue like a heart attack or stroke
  • Suffering injuries in a fall
  • Receiving a diagnosis that is chronic or degenerative
  • Becoming blind or suffering another serious impairment
  • Suffering a condition that will likely cause loss of mobility
  • Being unable to practice proper self-care
  • Experiencing signs of dementia

However, creating a Life Care Plan is valuable for anyone, regardless of your state of health. These plans address both current and future needs, so they are perfect for your aging loved one whose health is declining but can also help you plan for the care you may need later.

Benefits of New Jersey Life Care Planning

The process of Life Care Planning identifies your present needs and determines what this could mean about your future. When creating a Life Care Plan, we seek to address both your current and future needs to ensure you maintain the appropriate level of care and the quality of life you deserve no matter what happens with your health.

Eldercare is not as simple as it often seems on the surface. Figuring out how to pay for a nursing home or in-home care is just the tip of the iceberg. We will walk you through the process of planning for the future and provide coordinated care services and client advocacy as your plan moves forward.

Protects You or Your Loved One

A Life Care Plan addresses a number of financial and legal issues, but our top priority is the continued safety and comfort of you or your aging family member. The peace of mind gained from having this type of plan in place and knowing you have ensured the best possible care going forward is priceless.

Adapts as Your Needs Change

Your Life Care Plan, by its very nature, changes as your needs change. This ensures you receive the proper care at every stage of life. This is key to maintaining a high quality of life even as your health circumstances change and your age advances.

Plan and Pay for Future Care

One of the most overlooked but integral parts of our Life Care Plans is that we help you pay for future care in addition to planning for it. Our elder care attorneys consider your options for public health care benefits and can often put a plan in place to help clients qualify for Medicaid or VA benefits sooner.

We may be able to help you put a legal strategy in motion that protects your assets and your family’s inheritance, while still allowing you to qualify for Medicaid and pay for your necessary assisted living or long-term care facility placement.

Understanding the Importance of a Cape May Life Care Plan

Most of us need help taking care of ourselves, remaining mobile, and working around the house as we age. Many of us will rely on in-home care, assisted living facilities, or nursing homes to get the care we need and maintain a better quality of life.

A Life Care Plan Allows You to Designate Contingency Triggers

A Life Care Plan allows you to make the decisions now about what will trigger this move, and the type of care you would prefer. As a part of the plan, we outline what will trigger each contingency and ensure your loved ones do not need to make these decisions when the time comes.

You Make Future Decisions Now, Rather Than When You Are Down to the Wire

Life Care Planning allows you to make all the major decisions about your future care and does not place this burden on your family. They know what your wishes are, and they need only consult your plan if questions or conflicts arrive. You can ensure you will receive the appropriate level of care, even if you suffer from Alzheimer’s, dementia, blindness, mobility issues, or other serious impairments that prevent you from making decisions about your care when the time comes.

Talk with a Life Care Planning Lawyer in Cape May, NJ

The Bratton Life Care Planning team in Cape May, NJ offers a way to give you control of your future care, oversight for your family’s financial needs, and peace of mind about what will happen if a major medical issue occurs.

Our team includes social workers, a registered nurse, and a certified dementia practitioner, in addition to skilled elder care attorneys, which helps us have a compassionate and supportive approach. Our team will work to predict the type of future care you may need and put a plan in place to address your concerns. We will also work to help you pay for this care and to ensure your family’s financial future remains protected.

Our Life Care Plans address both your current situation, as well as possible future needs. Call us today at 856 770 2744 to learn more about life care planning or our other estate planning services.