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Life Planning Attorney in Cherry Hill


If you take the time to plan for your future care and financial health today, you will have less to worry about as you age. You will also have more control of your access to the health care you need now or in the future, decisions about where you will live, and even where your assets go. These benefits make the time and investment in a comprehensive Life Care Plan well worth the cost.

At Bratton Law Group, a life care planning attorney in  Cherry Hill can help you take charge of your future, or even create a plan for an aging loved one currently in your care. We understand these are difficult topics, and approach them with compassion. We also understand, however, that you need the peace of mind that comes with knowing what will happen to you or your family when you can no longer make decisions about your care.

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The Benefits of a Cherry Hill Life Care Plan from Bratton and Scott

A Life Care Plan is a sort of one-stop shop for managing your current and future needs. As a part of creating this plan, we guide you through the process of determining your priorities in a number of legal situations and getting the paperwork in place to protect your best interests.

Financially, we can help you understand your legal options to preserve your assets for your spouse, as appropriate, and then pass them down to family instead of spending them on your own long-term care. By doing this in a strategic way, you might still qualify for Medicaid, VA benefits, or other government benefits that cover medical care and long-term care facilities for aging Americans.

At the same time, we want to ensure you have the best care possible and enjoy the highest quality of life possible no matter your diagnosis or future health conditions. We will discuss your priorities, and ways we can help you coordinate services to allow you to remain in your home or pay for assisted living or nursing facilities that meet your needs.

Having a Life Care Plan in place offers you legal protections, financial stability, health care coordination, advocacy, and peace of mind knowing you have some control over your future. At Bratton Law Group, our elder care lawyers and elder care coordinators know how important this can be for both you and your family.

Our elder care coordinators, consisting of social workers and registered nurses, serve as the point-person for your Life Care Planning Team; we will work together to identify your priorities, discuss your possible future care needs, and research some of the situations you may face. Our coordinators are trained to talk about tough topics with compassion and empathy, and make having difficult conversations easier. These conversations will help shape your Life Care Plan, ensuring it meets your needs and truly represents your current and future priorities.

Who Needs a Comprehensive Life Care Plan?

At Bratton Law Group, we see so many clients benefit from having a Life Care Plan in place that we believe it is never too early to plan your future. However, most people who call us about these plans do so after an injury or illness makes them consider what would happen if they did not recover. Sometimes people call us after a diagnosis of a terminal or chronic illness.

We encourage everyone to be proactive about their future, but you should consider meeting with one of our attorneys and elder care coordinators as soon as possible if you face:

  • Diagnosis of a terminal illness, such as cancer or Alzheimer’s disease
  • A loss of mobility, independence, or other serious impairment
  • Injury from a serious fall or an increased risk of falls
  • A heart attack or stroke
  • Limited self-care abilities
  • A permanent disability
  • Any chronic or progressive illness, such as diabetes or COPD
  • Advanced signs of aging, including memory issues, confusion, and weakening muscles

What Is in a Life Care Plan?

The purpose of a Life Care Plan, in general, is to ensure you or your aging family member receives:

Appropriate and Adequate Care

When we craft your Life Care Plan, we use your preferences and needs to develop a plan that provides you with appropriate and adequate medical care either in your home, in the home of a loved one, or in a long-term care facility. The goal of this plan is to identify the best option to ensure you can maintain a high quality of life, and that you are safe and comfortable now and in your final years.

Financial Planning for Now and for the Future

By creating a Life Care Plan, you can eliminate a lot of the financial stress many people experience when considering their current and future care. We work with you to identify all sources of income and all assets. We then determine the best way to use this money, or how we can preserve it for your family. One of our services includes searching for any government benefits including Medicaid that may make your current and future care more affordable.

Peace of Mind

You — and the rest of your family — will rest easier knowing you have a plan in place for now and for the future. This peace of mind is a major benefit of creating a Life Care Plan. By following the plan we put in place, and having your attorney and elder care coordinator by your side, you know you will get the protection and care you need.

What exactly is in a Life Care Plan can differ somewhat from person to person, because they are personalized plans based on your own priorities. Our elder care team helps you identify your needs and priorities, and creates a plan that honors them. The goal is to organize a clear plan for every aspect of your current and future care. This includes:

  • Planning for in-home care or long-term care facility placement
  • Estate planning, including preserving assets
  • Paying for current and future healthcare costs
  • Identifying any possible public benefits
  • Coordinating all aspects of care
  • Medical decision-making and/or power of attorney
  • Financial planning
  • Advocacy, when necessary
  • Emergency management
  • Other services and support, depending on your needs

Meet with a Cherry Hill Elder Care Lawyer and Our Life Care Planning Team

The Bratton Law Group Life Care Planning Team provides compassion and support while helping you create a plan for your future. We have skilled lawyers, knowledgeable social workers, elder care coordinators, and even a registered nurse who will work tirelessly to advocate for you.

If you need help with a Life Care Plan in Cherry Hill, call us today at 856 644 4283.