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Wills Lawyers in Cherry Hill, NJ, Gently Guiding Families After a Death

When a loved one dies, families often have to deal with the practicalities of settling the estate. They may need to appoint guardians for minor children, manage assets and investments left behind, or divide property between heirs following the deceased’s wishes. During this stressful time, wills lawyers come in to assist families.

Wills lawyers help families interpret and follow through on a person’s last will and testament. Many times, there are questions about how to access certain accounts or who has authority over them after someone passes away. A wills lawyer can help navigate these issues, as well as help families understand their rights regarding inheritance laws and estate taxes if applicable.

Wills lawyers also provide advice and guidance to families who are just beginning the process of creating a will. They can help draft, review, and finalize wills so that they are legally binding and that all wishes for the distribution of assets are indicated.

At Bratton Law Group in Cherry Hill, we understand how important it is to make sure families have access to sound legal advice during such an emotional time. Our experienced wills lawyers provide compassionate guidance and support throughout your estate planning journey. We take into account your individual needs and objectives when creating a will, helping you create a plan that best suits your family’s needs both now and in the future. Call 856 644 4283 now to get started!

What are Wills and How Do They Work?

Wills are legal documents that specify how a person’s estate assets, such as property and financial accounts, should be distributed after their death. They also indicate who should be named a minor’s guardian, if necessary. The details of the will must identify who the beneficiaries of the estate plan are to ensure that all wishes are fulfilled and distributed to a beneficiary without any confusion or ambiguity.

When creating a will, it’s important to consider both long-term and short-term objectives. This includes considering possible future events that could cause estate litigation, such as changes in tax laws, incapacity, marriage, and divorces. A wills lawyer can help families create an effective plan that takes into account all potential scenarios and provides for all family members as intended by the deceased.

Along with drafting wills, an attorney from our team can also assist with other legal matters related to estate planning. These include setting up trusts or transferring ownership of assets so that they may be exempt from taxes or passed on more easily when needed. An experienced lawyer can also provide advice on setting up power of attorney arrangements for health care decisions or protecting assets from creditors during life and after death.

At Bratton Law Group, we understand how overwhelming it can be when dealing with a loved one’s passing. Our team of skilled attorneys is dedicated to providing families with support and knowledge, helping them make informed decisions about their estate plans while honoring their final wishes.

Are There Different Kinds of Wills?

Several different kinds of wills can be drafted and utilized depending on individual preferences. In most cases involving an estate plan, the four most common types of wills used are self-proving wills, living trusts, pour-over, and joint wills.

Self Proving Will

A self-proving will has been signed by both the testator (the person creating the will) and two witnesses signatures who then sign an affidavit before a notary public confirming their acknowledgment of witnessing the signing. This type of will can save probate time due to its expedited validation process.

Living Will/Trusts

Also known as revocable living trusts, these provide for asset management during life while providing instructions for disbursal after death without going through probate court. These are popular among those with large estates or multiple pieces of real estate due to their ease in allowing assets to change hands quickly upon death.

Pour-Over Will

These provide instructions for transferring any remaining assets into a trust at the time of death. The trust then becomes responsible for distributing assets according to the instructions provided by the deceased per state law.

Joint Will

A joint will is a document that outlines the wishes of both partners, typically spouses or domestic partners, but can also be used by other family members such as adult siblings. It’s important to note that this type of will does not replace individual wills and must be updated when life circumstances change.

What If I Die Without a Valid Will?

Without a will, it may be challenging to guarantee that all wishes are honored and that each person receives their deserved share of the estate. If there are minor children involved, it may be hard to determine who should take custody of them without proper guidance from a wills lawyer.

A wills lawyer can help families create an effective plan that takes into account all potential scenarios and provides for all family members as intended by the deceased. Families can make informed decisions about setting up trusts to manage their assets more efficiently or pour over wills for transferring any remaining assets into a trust at the time of death.

Creating legal documents like a will is an important part of life planning and should not be taken lightly. Working with a knowledgeable wills lawyer ensures that families have peace of mind, knowing their wishes will be honored and their loved ones are taken care of when they’re no longer here to do so themselves.

How Can a Wills Lawyer Help Me?

A wills lawyer can assist with drafting a will to ensure that all wishes are legally binding and enforceable. Our attorneys also provide advice on end-of-life planning, elder law, estate tax planning, trust creation, and asset protection.

While helping families create effective plans for their estate, wills lawyers can also help them fight a dispute in a surrogate’s court or handle the situation of an intestate death. Working with a highly experienced wills lawyer can ensure families properly plan for the future and get the most benefit out of every dollar spent. Call our law firm today at 856 644 4283 to find out how much we can help you, too!