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Life Planning Lawyer in Gloucester Township, NJ

When you work with an attorney to create a comprehensive Life Care Plan, you take control of your future. You can make the important choices for your future — or the future of a loved one — that you may not be able to make later.

While life care planning does deal with a number of legal issues, there are many aspects to this type of plan. A life planning lawyer in Gloucester Township, NJ can help you make decisions about your physical, emotional, social, and financial future. We will walk you through the process of making decisions about your future wellbeing today, based on your own priorities and preferences.

The elder law attorneys, nurses, and social workers at Bratton Law Group approach every Life Care Plan with compassion and understanding, qualities that set our firm apart from other estate planning attorneys. Families in Gloucester Township can reach a member of our team today by calling 856 770 2744.

Life Care Plans Have Benefits No Matter Your Age or Health

Life care planning helps you prepare for things that could occur today or years in the future. It is never too early or too late to contact us about creating a Life Care Plan. We often have clients who come to us for help with an aging loved one, but many others are proactive and call us to create a plan for themselves.

In general, though, some common triggers lead people to look into Life Care Plans and enlist our help in creating one. This includes:

  • The death or serious illness of a friend or family member
  • Suffering a medical issue, such as a heart attack
  • Suffering fall injuries, or a fear of falling
  • A diagnosis of a chronic or degenerative illness
  • Becoming blind or suffering another serious impairment
  • Impending loss of mobility
  • Suffering self-care issues
  • Family members recognizing signs of dementia

What Can a Gloucester Township Life Care Plan Do for Me?

We work to identify your family’s individual present and future care needs, and address each of those needs in your Life Care Plan. Elder care can be more complicated than most people realize, but we can guide you through the process. Not only will we create a life plan that considers your priorities and preferences, we will also provide coordinating care services and client advocacy to ensure caregivers meet all of your or your loved one’s current and future needs.

While taking care of financial and legal issues is an important part of a Life Care Plan, with the help of our social workers and nurses, we consider the continued safety and comfort of your family to be of equal importance. We know how important this type of plan can be for your entire family’s peace of mind. We want to ensure your Life Care Plan provides for the best care possible in the most appropriate living situation, whether that is at home with in-home care, an assisted living home, or another long-term care facility.

We will design your Life Care Plan to evolve with your needs, ensuring you maintain a high quality of life and receive the proper amount of care based on your condition at any given time. This is important, since circumstances change as we grow older.

As a part of developing your Life Care Plan, our elder care attorneys and social workers will explore your options for taking advantage of public health care benefits. We can often help our clients get Medicaid or VA benefits they did not believe they would qualify for. This can play a key role in the legal strategy used to protect your assets and ensure your family’s inheritance while still paying for the end-of-life care you require.

The Importance of a Gloucester Township Life Care Plan

As we age, most of us will require additional help getting around and caring for ourselves. To maintain the quality of life we currently enjoy, it may be necessary to hire in-home caregivers, move into an assisted living facility, or move into a nursing home. This is never an easy decision for family members and often puts great worry and anxiety on those you love.

With a Life Care Plan, you get to stay in control of these decisions. You make the choices now and put contingencies in place that will trigger later on if necessary. You get to make all the major decisions about maintaining your quality of life, getting necessary medical care, and even protecting your assets. This ensures your family members do not need to determine what you would have wanted once you cannot make those decisions yourself. This lifts an incredible weight from their shoulders.

When we create a comprehensive Life Care Plan, we base it on your own preferences and priorities. This allows you to continue getting the level of care you need and living the quality of life you wish to lead even if you suffer from dementia, blindness, loss of mobility, or other major impairments.

Not only will we ensure there are contingencies in place for any situation that may arise, we will also put a plan in place that will pay for your care without jeopardizing all the assets your family deserves to keep. This may include using legal strategies that help you qualify for Medicaid, VA benefits, Social Security, and other government programs.

Talk with a Gloucester Township Elder Care Lawyer About Life Care Planning

Bratton Law Group’s life planning team in Gloucester Township, NJ can help you take control of an uncertain future. Our team, which includes social workers and a registered nurse in addition to elder care attorneys, can create a plan that addresses all your concerns about your future care or an aging loved one’s future care.

We can create plans that address a current situation, as well as plan for future needs. We can ensure your plan guarantees you the highest possible quality of life while also protecting your investments and other assets. Our team provides compassionate guidance and support while we discuss these difficult topics and put your plan together.

Call us today at 856 770 2744 to get started.