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Estate Litigation Lawyer in Haddon Township, NJ

When a loved one passes away, emotions understandably run high. When there is not a valid will or estate plan, this can quickly lead to disputes and disagreements between family members and friends. Potential heirs may have drastically different viewpoints about what their loved one wanted, and this can turn into litigation if they cannot reach an agreement.

The team from Bratton Estate and Elder Care Attorneys offers dispute resolution and mediation services and can also represent you if your case does go to court. Call our office today at 856 770 2744.

We Offer Many Haddon Township, NJ, Estate Litigation Services

The team from Bratton Estate and Elder Care Attorneys includes knowledgeable and experienced estate litigation lawyers. Our lawyers meet with every client first, getting to know the family and their unique needs and preferences. We want to learn about your deceased loved one and put a solution in place that honors their wishes for their estate.

We pride ourselves on providing not only the aggressive legal action that prompted your call to us but also the compassionate support you need during this stressful and emotional time. We also know how important your family is to you and want to do what we can to help you preserve your relationships with those your loved one held dear.

We May Be Able to Resolve Your Dispute

Our attorneys are trained mediators who will work to help you find a workable solution instead of resorting to litigation when possible. We can utilize proven techniques to end disagreements and reduce aggression and adversarial feelings, hopefully reducing the damage to your relationships.

We Can Handle Your Haddon Township, NJ, Estate Dispute

When you enlist our help with your estate disagreement or call on us to represent you during estate litigation, we can:

  • Help you understand your options and the possible outcomes
  • Review the estate documents, if any are available
  • Protect your loved one’s legacy as well as your best interests
  • Protect or recover the assets your loved one left for you
  • Represent you in court if necessary

If you worry that your Haddon Township, NJ, estate disagreement may lead to litigation, or if you need help settling a dispute over your loved one’s will, we are here to help.  Call us today at 856 770 2744 to learn more.

Estate Disputes and Litigation Often Stem From Cases Without a Valid Will

In general, most estate disputes and litigation occur in cases where there is not a valid will or estate plan, or when potential heirs question the validity of the will. If there is no will in your loved one’s case, we encourage you to go ahead and give us a call. Disputes are incredibly common, and we may be able to help you with the probate process and prevent any sizeable disagreements.

In other cases, your loved one left a will or other estate plan, but there are questions about the validity. The most common challenges to wills include:

  • Lack of capacity claims; and/or
  • Undue influence claims

We can help you defend your loved one’s legacy from this type of claim or take legal action to try to invalidate a will you believe does not represent your family member’s true intentions.

Facing Problems with the Estate Administrator

In cases when there is a valid will, the most common disputes stem from issues with an estate administrator or will executor. This can also occur after the Court appoints someone to oversee probating an estate.

When someone is an estate administrator or executor of a will, they must have some specific traits including:

  • Trustworthy, ethical, and responsible
  • Able to complete a series of tasks and know when to consult experts
  • Capable of understanding basic accounting tasks
  • Able to identify and calculate assets and debts
  • Competently handle other tasks related to the estate

We can help you question the ability of the administrator of your loved one’s estate if you believe they lack some of these traits or defend your reputation if another potential heir is questioning your abilities to administer the estate.

Let Us Go to Work to Resolve Disputes in Your Case

Often, our team can help clients prevent disputes and disagreements during the probate and administration process. By having our team help carry out your duties as an estate administrator or executor of your loved one’s will, you may significantly reduce not only the stress you face but also the chances of litigation.

Call us before you get started, or at the first sign of a disagreement, and let us help you. When we handle estate administration  for you, we will:

  • Help you understand your role, as well as your responsibilities
  • Work with appraisers, accountants, and other experts on your behalf
  • Stay in close communication about the progress of your loved one’s estate
  • Provide compassionate support as well as aggressive legal action

Give our team a call today to learn more about how we can help you navigate the New Jersey probate and estate administration process. We are standing by to take your call. Let us go to work for you today.

Talk to an Estate Litigation Lawyer in Haddon Township, NJ

If you need help settling a Haddon Township, NJ, estate dispute or fear a disagreement will lead to litigation, the team from Bratton Estate and Elder Care Attorneys can help. We can offer a personalized plan based on your needs, utilize proven mediation techniques, or pursue your case in court if necessary. We can review the facts of your situation and help you decide the best options for your family.

Let us get started trying to find a solution for you today. Call us at 856 770 2744 and let our team look into your case.