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Life Care Planning Attorney in Linwood

Many people worry about what will happen to them, their family, and their assets after they can no longer make necessary decisions. However, most are not sure how to address these concerns. This is where a comprehensive Life Care Plan and a life planning attorney in Linwood come in. A Life Care Plan allows you to make decisions now about your physical, emotional, and financial future, and have a plan in place if you suffer an incapacitating illness or injury, or pass away.

The Life Care Planning Team at Bratton Law Group knows how difficult it can be to discuss a time when you or a loved one cannot make these important decisions anymore, but we also know how important putting a plan in place is for ensuring quality of life for both you and your family. We can help you build a comprehensive Life Care Plan based on your own priorities and preferences, navigating the entire process with the compassionate approach our firm is known for.

You can reach a member of our Linwood, New Jersey Life Care Planning Team today at 609 293 5369.

What Are the Benefits of a Linwood Life Care Plan?

In the future, there will be decisions you — or your family members — must make that greatly impact your quality of life, your medical care, and even your financial future. Life Care Planning allows you to make many of these decisions now, and put contingencies in place in the event you cannot take action on your own behalf in the future.

For example, imagine you reach a point where you need around-the-clock care. You can make the decision now about the type of nursing home or in-home care you prefer, and put a plan in place to cover the costs. This lifts a weight off the shoulders of your family members, and puts your mind at ease.

When we build your Life Care Plan, our team will guide you through a number of situations and help you put contingency plans in place for each. This allows us to learn your priorities and preferences, and create a comprehensive plan for almost any situation.

Future care and quality of life are at the heart of these plans. Far more than just a will, a Life Care Plan addresses how you can ensure the best quality of life possible if you are living with dementia, loss of mobility, or other age- or illness-related impairments.

In addition to making choices about current and future care and asset distribution after your death, we will also discuss a financial plan to pay for your care. Often, this centers on protecting your assets while qualifying for Medicaid. In other cases, however, we will help you understand how you might be able to obtain other benefits including Social Security, veterans’ benefits, and more.

When you enlist our help with your Life Care Plan, we assign an elder care coordinator to your case. Your coordinator can answer your questions or address your concerns, as well as ask the questions that help us uncover your preferences when it comes to your future.

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When Should I Think About Making a Life Care Plan?

It is never too early or too late to begin the Life Care Planning process. The earlier you start, the more support we can offer and the more likely we can ensure you receive all the benefits of this type of plan. However, many of the clients we guide through the Life Care Planning process begin later after they have experienced certain events. These often include:

  • Recent diagnosis of a progressive, chronic, or terminal illness
  • Recent onset of a serious impairment, such as blindness or loss of mobility
  • History of falls, or recent serious fall injuries
  • Suffering a serious health scare, including heart attack or stroke
  • Recognition of a self-care issue
  • Memory issues or other signs of dementia
  • Death or illness of a loved one

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What Will We Address in My Linwood Life Care Plan?

We personalize every Life Care Plan based on your unique needs and preferences, so every plan is different. We will identify your priorities through your conversations with our elder care coordinators, and the topics covered by your Life Care Plan will reflect these priorities. In general, though, you can expect your plan to include: include what??

Long Term Care Planning and Medical Decision Making

You may already have a living will, or know you need to put a power of attorney or other document in place to ensure your family members have some idea of what you want regarding end-of-life care.

However, these are not the only decisions you may need to make. We can help you determine whether you prefer in-home care or living in a nursing home or assisted living facility. We can also address the coordination of services you might need to ensure your quality of life remains high as you age. Paying for future care is also a hot-button topic for many aging Americans, and we can help you put a plan in place for this, as well.

Asset Protection and Other Financial Topics

Going much further than a will alone, we can help you develop a comprehensive plan that provides you with the quality of health care you need while also protecting your assets and distributing them as you see fit after your death. Our unique Medicaid planning services set us apart from many other elder care law firms, and our understanding social workers and care coordinators can ensure your Life Care Plan offers a peace of mind about your family’s financial future.

How Can I Talk with a Linwood Elder Care Lawyer About Life Care Planning?

The Bratton Law Group Linwood Life Care Planning Team offers every client the compassionate support they need to address important topics about their future now, helping ensure the quality of life they deserve while also protecting their assets and investments. Call our office today at 609 293 5369 to set a time to discuss drafting a Life Care Plan.

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