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Lower Merion Estate Planning Lawyer

If you need help creating a Lower Merion, PA, estate plan, the lawyers from Bratton Estate & Elder Care Attorneys are here to help. No matter what life changes you are experiencing or how many assets you have, we can put a plan in place that addresses your needs and fits your preferences.

Reach out to us today by calling 856 770 2744. Our estate planning lawyer in Lower Merion will discuss your needs and begin to build a plan that works for your family and offers the peace of mind you need. We can get started on your estate plan today.

Bratton Estate & Elder Care Attorneys Can Walk You Through the Estate Planning Process

Bratton Estate & Elder Care Attorneys can individualize almost every step of the estate planning process to ensure we meet your family’s specific needs and preferences. We will take steps to ensure you leave our office with a comprehensive estate plan that includes:

  • What will happen if you can no longer make your own medical or financial decisions
  • Who will have access to your accounts immediately following your death
  • How your family will be able to stay on firm financial footing without you
  • What will happen to your assets after your death

One of our estate planning lawyers in Lower Merion will guide you through the estate planning process, including helping you make decisions and putting the legal documents in place to make it official. This may include:

  • Naming an administrator who will enter your estate into probate
  • Taking action to preserve assets for your family’s future
  • Medicaid planning, in case you require long-term care
  • Safeguarding your minor children’s futures if both parents pass away
  • Supporting dependents with special needs
  • Creating specialized plans for high asset or complex estates

As a part of the Lower Merion, PA, estate planning process, our lawyers will likely need to use several different legal documents to ensure your plan works for you and your family. In addition to a last will and testament, we may also utilize:

  • Other asset distribution documents
  • Revocable living trusts and irrevocable trusts
  • Documents related to Medicaid planning
  • Other asset protection plans
  • Powers of attorney and healthcare powers of attorney

Because each family is different, we use a different combination of documents and tools for each estate plan. Our estate planning lawyers in Lower Merion want to create a customized plan that is as unique as your family and your needs. Call us today at 856 770 2744 to get started.

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We Can Help You Protect Your Children’s Future

For parents, one of the most difficult – but perhaps the most important – parts of creating an estate plan is putting a plan in place for what will happen to your minor children if both of their parents pass away or can no longer care for them for another reason. We will create a document that addresses:

  • What happens to them immediately following your death
  • Their transition from your care to the care of their guardian
  • How you will provide for them financially
  • Who will have legal custody of them

In addition to naming a guardian and fiduciary, you can outline your preferences for your children, including details such as:

  • Education
  • Medical care
  • Financial support
  • Religious upbringing

Our team can help you define your wishes for your children, including identifying potential guardians and making a decision about who will provide their care. We handle every step of the estate planning process with compassion and understand how difficult these conversations can be. However, having an estate plan in place ensures you know what will happen to your children if something happens to you and their other parent.

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Benefits of Estate Planning in Lower Merion, PA

Estate planning with Bratton Estate & Elder Care Attorneys has many benefits. The benefits that matter the most to you and your family will depend on your priorities and your situation. We can address your most pressing concerns and ensure you have a plan in place to meet your family’s needs.

Some of the benefits of partnering with Bratton Estate & Elder Care Attorneys to create a comprehensive estate plan include:

  • Ensuring your family has a secure financial future after your death
  • Having a say in exactly where you want your assets to go
  • Avoiding the probate process entirely or making it much easier on your family
  • Giving your family access to some money immediately
  • Greatly reducing the risk of estate disputes and litigation
  • Preventing inter-family arguing over estate disagreements
  • Allowing you to feel confident about what happens to your family and loved ones after you pass away
  • Safeguarding your children’s future, including having input on their care
  • Providing for dependent loved ones, such as adult children with special needs

Our attorneys can help you put a plan in place based on your needs and your financial situation. Let us go to work for you and your family today. We can meet with you in Lower Merion, PA, or elsewhere in the Philadelphia area.

Talk to an Estate Planning Attorney in Lower Merion, PA

If you do not have an estate plan, or if your estate plan is old and outdated, the lawyers from Bratton Estate & Elder Care Attorneys can help you create a new plan customized to meet all your family’s needs and preferences. We always strive to get to know our clients, which is the first step in identifying their priorities and ensuring we take the steps necessary to meet their needs with the estate plan we create.

Having a comprehensive estate plan in place offers a peace of mind unavailable anywhere else. You will leave our meeting knowing what will happen to your loved ones if something happens to you unexpectedly.

Call today at 856 770 2744 to talk to a member of our team about our services, and set a time to meet with one of our attorneys.

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