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Mount Laurel Estate Administration Lawyer

The process of serving as an executor or administrator of an estate in Mount Laurel does not have to be overly complex. Unfortunately, many individuals that undertake this task do so without legal counsel. A lack of sound legal advice can turn a straightforward process into a difficult slog.

Over time, the need for estate administrators will only continue to grow. According to the Population Reference Bureau (PRB), there are more than 54 million Americans over the age of 65 as of 2019. The U.S. Census also reports that this section of the population has grown by 35 percent in the past ten years.

Mistakes made during the administration of an estate could open you up to liability or even allegations of fraud. The team at Bratton Estate & Elder Care Attorneys can help you with the administration process and ensure you avoid dangerous pitfalls along the way. To discuss your options directly, call 856 770 2744 to schedule a confidential evaluation with a Mount Laurel estate administration lawyer.

The Probate Process in Mount Laurel

In New Jersey, every probate case is heard in the county’s Surrogate Court. However, not every will must go through probate. The instances in which probate is unnecessary can vary—one example is when all assets go to a surviving spouse. If probate is necessary in your case, our team can assist you with the process from start to finish.

After you submit the will to probate, it is the job of the court to determine its authenticity. The reality is that most wills are accepted during the probate process. The vast majority of wills are prepared by experienced attorneys, which limits the potential for a will or testamentary document to contain errors. Straightforward or not, many wills must go through the standard probate process. Our attorneys can prepare you for the probate process and help you know what to expect. Through careful preparation, you can enter a will into probate with confidence.

Many of the wills considered by the Surrogate Courts are self-proving. This means that the testamentary document itself contains all of the required signatures and notary stamps. Since the document meets many of the technical challenges on its face, the Surrogate Courts frequently sign off on self-proving wills.

Not all wills are self-proving, however. In these cases, you must provide the additional documentation or witnesses needed to authenticate the will. In our role as your estate administration lawyer, we can review the will to determine if additional documentation will be necessary.

For a legal consultation with a estate administration lawyer in Mount Laurel, call 856 770 2744

How an Estate Administration Lawyer Can Help

The most important role our firm will serve is removing the stress of administering the estate from your shoulders. This task can be overwhelming in many cases, which makes taking it on alone unwise. Our team can help reduce the stress and complexity of managing a lifetime of accumulated assets. Once we help you with gathering these assets, we can also assist in distributing them, resolving outstanding debts, and calculating the taxes owed.

The loss of a loved one often results in the kind of emotional responses that can complicate estate administration. Often, this leaves an administrator with the feeling that they are only further straining relationships among the deceased person’s surviving relatives. Thankfully, you can rely on Bratton Estate & Elder Care Attorneys in these difficult moments to act as a neutral authority in directing the process.

Our firm can serve as more than a referee during probate, however. We can also offer estate administrators skilled guidance from one end of the administration process to another. In many cases, the first consultation with our firm will provide you with the guidance you need to complete your duties.

In cases that require more direct intervention, we can aid you in a variety of ways. Some of the services we can provide to an estate administrator include:

  • Outlining the general duties of an estate administrator.
  • Answering questions through every step of the administration process.
  • Explaining any relevant tax laws and providing necessary forms.
  • Funding trusts as determined by the will or estate plan.
  • Providing guidance on both state and federal tax laws.
  • Overseeing charitable giving.
  • Reporting all charitable gifts to state authorities.
  • Providing representation for any will challenges or other litigation.
  • Connecting administrators with experienced appraisers.

If you have been left with the task of administering an estate following the death of a loved one, you do not have to take this task on by yourself. With the help of our team, we can ensure you meet all of the necessary reporting requirements and distribute the estate’s assets as the decedent intended.

Our help can not only simplify the process but can also remove much of the stress that comes with distributing assets following the death of a family member. Reach out to a Mount Laurel estate administration lawyer for more information.

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Speak with a Mount Laurel Estate Administration Attorney Today

Before you undertake the significant challenge of administering an estate on your own, consider discussing your options with Bratton Estate & Elder Care Attorneys. The benefits our team can provide are substantial, and our efforts can ease the stress that may come during this difficult time.

The consequences of an error during the administration process can be significant. Not only could you risk disagreements with surviving relatives, but you could also face allegations of mismanagement or fraud. The guidance of dedicated legal counsel can make all the difference in obtaining a successful outcome during the administration of the estate.

If you are ready to talk to a member of our team, we are ready to listen. During your initial consultation, we can review the estate and discuss your options for how to proceed. To get started, call Bratton Estate & Elder Care Attorneys as soon as possible at 856 770 2744.

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