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Estate Administration Attorney in Philadelphia

Administering a Philadelphia estate is often stressful and confusing. It is especially difficult if emotions still run high after the recent death of a loved one. Navigating the Pennsylvania probate process and ensuring assets are distributed properly requires time and know-how. An estate administration attorney in Philadelphia can offer the support you need, helping you through this process step-by-step.

The Bratton Law Group team knows what to expect during the probate process. We handle cases similar to yours almost every day. Our team has the knowledge you need and offers the guidance necessary to ensure the process goes smoothly.

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Our Philadelphia Estate Administration Team Can Handle the Process on Your Behalf

Acting as the administrator or executor of a Philadelphia estate requires understanding a complicated process and completing several specialized tasks in a particular order and in a specific way. Since most people do not do this more than once or twice in their lifetime, it is often a stressful and frustrating time. You will need to perform most, if not all, of the following duties during this process:

  • Enter the will into probate, and navigate the probate process
  • Identify and pay any outstanding expenses and debts
  • Identify all remaining assets
  • Determine the value of all assets, including finding appraisers when needed
  • Pay any applicable taxes
  • Disburse the assets according to the will or estate plan
  • Fund trusts, make charity donations, and manage other complex financial transactions required by the estate plan

If you feel overwhelmed or are not sure where to start, give us a call. An Philadelphia estate administration attorney can help you handle your loved one’s estate. It is possible to complete the process on your own, but there is no reason you have to. If you reach out to us, we can help you understand:

  • How the Pennsylvania probate process works
  • State inheritance tax laws
  • Federal estate and death tax laws
  • How to fund a trust or make required charity donations
  • How to value assets, including special collections and other difficult to appraise items

When you enlist our help, we can offer support while you handle the process, or we can navigate the entire process for you. We want you to be able to focus on mourning your loss, instead of feeling overwhelmed by the complex legal and financial tasks in front of you.

We have the experience necessary to manage all estates, even those with a very high net worth. Our network of professionals can lend their specialized skills to your case, when needed. We can call in accountants to calculate complicated estate taxes or find the right appraiser to put a price on your grandfather’s prized wine collection.

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Our Team Offers a Wide Range of Estate Administration Services in Philadelphia

Our Philadelphia estate planning attorneys can help you through any issue you encounter in the estate administration process or walk you through every step of the process.

We will help you feel confident about your work on your loved one’s estate, from entering the will into probate to handling the most complex estate plan provisions. Our team of attorneys, social workers, and a registered nurse take a multidisciplinary approach to estate administration, ensuring you get both the legal advice and the compassionate emotional support you need to navigate the process and settle the estate.

Our team does not have a single estate administration package. Instead, we offer several services that you may or may not need, and we only charge you for the ones that apply to your case. Some of the most common services our estate administration clients in Philadelphia need include:

  • Help understanding their role as administrator or executor
  • Calculating the value of assets, and the estate as a whole
  • Explaining state and federal taxes and their implications specific to the case
  • Filing any inheritance tax paperwork
  • Creating and funding trusts
  • Managing charitable giving plans and related paperwork
  • Conflict resolution, if a dispute arises
  • Representation in estate litigation

Philadelphia Estate Administration Lawyer 267 323 4038

Understanding the Pennsylvania Probate Process

The difficulty you may run into while probating a will in Pennsylvania varies significantly based on several factors. Some wills are straightforward to probate, and some are very complex. In general, estates worth less than $50,000 (known as small estates) will qualify for a streamlined probate process. If the estate has more than $50,000 in assets, the probate process may be much more complicated.

An estate administration attorney on our team in Philadelphia can handle this process with you, helping you with every task you need to complete, such as:

  • Going to the Register of Wills office in your county with you to enter the will into probate
  • Taking a complete inventory of the estate
  • Offering advice on which assets require you to enter them into probate
  • Calculating your state inheritance and federal estate taxes
  • Ensuring you meet all tax deadlines
  • Paying any outstanding bills
  • Dividing and liquidating the assets
  • Closing the estate

There may be additional tasks we need to complete to successfully execute the will or administer the estate. We can help you understand these steps and walk you through them. There is no estate too large and no plan too complicated for our attorneys.

Talk to an Estate Administration Attorney in Philadelphia

The lawyers from Bratton Law Group offer legal advice and support to Philadelphia estate administrators and will executors. Our team provides compassionate guidance every step of the way, walking through the entire process with you. Call us today at 267 323 4038 to make an appointment with one of our Philadelphia estate administration attorneys.

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