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Life Care Planning Lawyer in Trenton, NJ

When you build a Trenton, NJ life care plan, you address your current and future circumstances, developing a road map to manage your healthcare, financial, and legal needs. You can make decisions today about what you want in the future, ensuring your own continuity of care and quality of life. A life care planning lawyer in Trenton, NJ from Bratton Estate and Elder Care Attorneys knows how to walk you through this process, providing guidance and support along the way.

You will work with our social workers, life planning lawyers, and a registered nurse to develop a plan that addresses your specific needs and possible contingencies. Call us today at 609 362 5692 to learn more.

Trenton, NJ Life Care Planning Is for Today and the Future

When a life care planning lawyer in Trenton, NJ works with a client on a comprehensive life care plan, it addresses both their current and future issues related to:

  • Medical care
  • Finances
  • End-of-life care
  • Quality of life

Our team can put together a plan for yourself or an aging loved one who may be facing a medical or care-related crisis. Once we take care of any current concerns and ensure continuity of care and the highest possible quality of life, we will discuss a wide variety of contingencies we can put in place.

This allows you to make decisions about the future today, remaining in control of your life even if you become incapacitated in the future. This may be especially important if you have a diagnosis or a family history that makes you believe you may one day have dementia or another cognitive condition.
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Our Trenton, NJ Team Will Walk You Through the Life Care Planning Process

At Bratton Estate and Elder Care Attorneys, we take a team approach to life care planning. Every comprehensive life care plan requires us to enlist the help of:

  • Our social workers
  • Our registered nurse
  • Our life care planning lawyers

Our attorneys will ask the following to get a better idea of the plan you might need:

  • Your current and future medical needs
  • Your financial situation and estate plans
  • Your legal needs, both for today and any possible needs in the future
  • The necessary and appropriate level of care you may need today and in the future
  • What you consider high quality of life, including your priorities and preferences for long-term care
  • Long-term care and Medicaid planning
  • Preserving assets for your family and other loved ones

Our registered nurse or one of our social workers will also play a role in some of these conversations, helping every member of our team to better understand your current and possible future healthcare needs.

Once we have a good idea of your needs and preferences, we will create the legal documents and provide the services to put your comprehensive plan into effect.
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The Benefits of Life Care Planning in Trenton, NJ

A comprehensive life care plan created by a life planning lawyer in Trenton, NJ serves as a road map for which way to turn at important junctures in your life. If you can no longer communicate about your wishes, your family can simply reference the plan to learn what you wanted. This prevents your spouse or children from bearing the weight of life-altering decisions and allows you to remain in control.

Your life care plan will include plans and contingencies for:

  • Medical care, management of chronic conditions, and emergency care
  • Financial decisions, estate plans, and asset protection
  • Legal needs, such as a power of attorney for health care
  • Quality of life issues
  • Other care and support

You can make decisions as a part of the life care planning process that will bring peace of mind to you and the rest of your family. You will know what to expect and what needs to happen during an illness or crisis. This may include decisions relating to:

  • Life-saving and life-sustaining treatments
  • End-of-life care
  • Nursing home care and long-term care placement
  • Guardianship

As a normal part of the life care planning process, we will also discuss asset protection plans with you. Creating a plan can help you qualify for Medicaid, Veterans Affairs benefits, or other public health benefits sooner while preserving more of your assets for your children and grandchildren to inherit. This is important because Medicaid is often the only way families can afford a nursing home or assisted living care.

Determining Whether Trenton, NJ Life Care Planning is Right for You

Life care planning is possible for anyone, no matter your age or health. Many people who enlist our team’s help for this service, however, are living with a terminal, chronic, or degenerative condition. Often, our clients first reach out to us following:

  • A heart attack, stroke, or other major medical crisis
  • A serious fall
  • A broken hip or another injury that impairs mobility
  • A new diagnosis of a terminal, degenerative, or chronic condition
  • Vision loss
  • Recognizing a need for increased help with activities of daily living
  • A diagnosis of dementia or another similar cognitive issue

Many healthy seniors also call us after a crisis involving their spouse, a friend, or another family member. Not wanting to put their family through the same struggle they witnessed is a driving motivator for many people to want to build a comprehensive life care plan.
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Talk with a Life Care Planning Lawyer in Trenton, NJ

At Bratton Estate and Elder Care Attorneys, our team can help you address your current and future care needs by creating a comprehensive life care plan. A Trenton, NJ life care planning lawyer will meet with you to determine your preferences and priorities, and then we can put a plan in place to address a wide variety of contingencies.

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