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Wills Lawyers in Trenton, NJ Making Wills Easy

Estate planning is an essential part of life, yet many people put it off because they simply don’t know where to start. It can be daunting to think about what happens after you pass away, but your wishes must be respected and honored. Our firm’s wills lawyers in Trenton, NJ, make this process easier for individuals and families throughout the area.

Our wills attorneys know how important it is to clearly state your wishes for asset distribution after death. They also know that estate planning involves more than just writing a will and should include powers of attorney and advanced health care directives. Wills lawyers can help clients plan their estates thoroughly before filing with the courts.

Another great benefit of working with us is our experience with New Jersey law surrounding estates and trusts. Estate laws vary from state to state, so having professionals on hand who have dealt with cases similar to yours assures no stone goes unturned during the process – something which could save family members time and money if a dispute should arise. Our wills lawyers in Trenton provide clear and concise advice to best plan for the future.

For our clients, we strive to make the process as smooth as possible at Bratton Law Group. From creating custom estate plans to settling disputes in estate litigation, a wills attorney is here to help. Our goal is to create the best will plan for your specific estate assets and wealth. Call 609 362 5692 to speak with us now!

What is a Will?

A last will and testament is an important part of an estate plan that helps you plan for the future of your family. It is a legal document that describes who should receive your money, property, and possessions when you die (beneficiary). It also describes who should be the guardian of any minor children that you may have. With a will, you can decide how much each person gets and what happens to your possessions after your death. You can also name someone to be in charge of making sure everything goes according to plan (this is called an executor).

A will lawyer can help you create this document and ensure it meets all legal requirements. They can provide advice on what to include as well as answer any questions or concerns you may have about estate planning. Wills are especially important if there are family members with special needs or if there is potential for conflict between siblings or other loved ones over assets after a death occurs. Having a proper will ensures everyone’s wishes are respected and honored upon death, allowing peace of mind for both the deceased and their loved ones during such a difficult time.

What are Common Types of Wills?

Wills are legal documents that help people decide what should happen to their money and assets when they pass away. There are different kinds of wills, including joint wills, living wills, simple wills, and testamentary trust wills.

Joint Will

A joint will is written by two people who agree on how their estate and assets should be divided after they both die. This type of will is involved in marriages and is not available in every state.

Living Will

Drafting a living will allows a person to explain their wishes about medical care if they become too sick or injured to make decisions for themselves. It can include whether the person wants life-sustaining treatment or not in certain situations.

Simple Will

A simple will is a document written and executed by one person that outlines what should happen to their money and property after they die. It includes who to distribute these items to as well as other instructions for how they should be divided among family members or friends who are named beneficiaries.

Testamentary Trust Will

Lastly, a type of will that includes setting up a trust for the benefit of someone else, such as minor children or grandchildren, is called a testamentary trust will. A trustee is appointed in this type of will to manage the trust until the beneficiary reaches the age specified by the person who set up the trust.

Is It Hard to Modify an Existing Will?

If you have already created a will, and circumstances in your life change, you may want to modify it. Depending on the sophistication of your estate plan, modifying an existing will can be difficult or straightforward. Generally speaking, if it is necessary to make changes to a will, then it should be done by a qualified estate planning lawyer.

When making changes to an existing will, several factors need to be taken into consideration. First and foremost, the original document must be consulted for its language and intent. Any modifications should reflect the wishes of the testator (the person who wrote the will). It is also important to ensure that modifications do not contradict each other. If two provisions in a single will conflict with each other, one of them may be considered invalid.

Do I Need an Attorney to Create a Will?

Hiring a lawyer is the only surefire way to ensure that your will and estate planning documents are properly created and legally valid. With an experienced wills attorney, you can rest assured that all requirements are met, and every detail of your plan is addressed.

A good lawyer will thoroughly review all documents to make sure that any potential conflicts are identified in advance. They can also help you think through various scenarios to determine the best plan for certain eventualities.

An attorney can also provide advice on any special considerations, such as leaving money for a disabled child or setting up trusts for young beneficiaries. This way, you can be confident that whatever you decide is in the best interests of your loved ones and their future well-being. Having an experienced attorney on your side guarantees that your wishes are respected during this difficult time and gives your family peace of mind, knowing they have someone looking out for their interests.

For these reasons, you may want to hire an experienced wills lawyer when creating an estate plan. The management of inheritance in probate can be easier with our help. Bratton Law Group has just the people you need. Contact us at 609 362 5692 as soon as you can!