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Vineland Life Care Planning Lawyer

The goal of a life care plan is to ensure that you receive the healthcare, safety, and financial resources you need as you get older. Life care plans are often used by those suffering from illness or some sort of disability. These plans take into account the expected prognosis of any condition you may have and your present and future healthcare needs.

Life care plans can help you manage your finances and receive the care and services you need as you get older or your condition progresses. Anyone can benefit from this type of plan, but they are especially beneficial to patients of long-term chronic illnesses, such as dementia or Alzheimer’s disease.

To develop a life care plan for yourself or an elderly or ill loved one, please contact Bratton Estate & Elder Care Attorneys today at 856 770 2744 . Our Vineland life care planning lawyer can help you assess your needs and understand the potential challenges you may face. We can design and implement a life care plan that works for you.

Components of a Life Care Plan

According to the Centers for Disease Control and Prevention (CDC), life care planning helps not only the elderly individual, but his or her caregivers as well. Life care plans define and prioritize the many different factors that affect elder care to ensure that the plan holder can fund and receive treatment as he or she gets older.

One component of life care planning is identifying different elder law services and benefits that are available. Another component is setting aside certain finances for future healthcare needs and living arrangements.

Life Care Planning Objectives

Life care planning is an integral part of helping elderly individuals and their families understand the following:

  • The law as it applies to healthcare, finances, wills, testaments, inheritance, and any decisions relating to these factors
  • Available care options
  • Financial and health-related issues and challenges they may face, especially when it comes to debilitating, long-term illnesses.

Understanding these elements and making a plan for the future with them in mind can have many benefits. The primary objectives of any life care plan are as follows:

  • Ensuring that the elder receives care, whether at home or in a residential facility, in order to enjoy the quality of life that he or she deserves.
  • Identify and apply for public and private resources that can help pay for long-term care, while minimizing the costs of care wherever possible.
  • Provide peace of mind that quality care will be available as time progresses, and that the family’s resources will be preserved along the way.

Bratton Estate & Elder Care Attorneys can help you understand the challenges your family may face and how to manage the resources at your disposal as part of a comprehensive life care plan. Our Vineland life care planning lawyer can answer any questions you may have and help you devise a plan based on your needs and resources.

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Services Included in Life Care Planning

Depending on your needs and what you expect from your life care planning team, there are many different services you may receive from our firm while developing your plan. These services include legal guidance, coordination of care, and advocacy.

Legal Guidance

When developing a life care plan, there are many challenges you and your family may face. These ethical and legal challenges may pertain to care, finances, and general decision-making, or more specific aspects. For example, there may be issues pertaining to taxes, inheritance, probate, and the management of funds or assets in the elder’s future estate.

These issues are well-known and well-documented in the elder law sphere. They may require input from several individuals, including the family doctor. Together, our team can help you navigate the many elements that make up a life care plan.

Coordinating Care

How you or your loved one will receive care in the future is a central component of any life care plan. You may need to coordinate care services at different hospitals, nursing homes, or doctor’s offices.

There will also need to be decisions in place regarding any changes in health or the availability of resources. A comprehensive life care plan may include end-of-life directives and other decisions regarding incapacitation, so the family does not need to make these tough choices on their loved one’s behalf.


The Bratton Estate & Elder Care Attorneys team values compassion and advocacy. As such, we have social workers, a registered nurse, and a certified dementia practitioners on staff to assist with life care planning.

Elders have a legal right to receive safe, patient-centric healthcare services. Our team will work with you, your family, and care coordinators to provide you with advocacy services. Our goal is to improve and protect our clients’ quality of life.
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When to Start Creating a Life Care Plan

You can begin crafting a life care plan for yourself or your loved one at any time. Still, there are certain situations that may prompt you to begin building the plan sooner rather than later. It is strongly recommended that you do so if you or your loved one:

  • Received a diagnosis of a terminal or degenerative illness, such as cancer, dementia, or Alzheimer’s disease.
  • Suffered a catastrophic accident or a life-changing medical event, such as a stroke or a heart attack.
  • Shows the signs or symptoms of deteriorating mental or physical ability.

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