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Caring for an aging loved one is often stressful and difficult. This is especially true if you do not have a proactive plan in place that ensures their safety, access to the necessary level of care, and the best quality of life possible.

At Bratton Estate & Elder Care Attorneys, we can help you navigate any concerns and then build a plan that meets your family’s needs – both today and in the future. Call 856 770 2744 today to learn more about how we can answer your elder law questions.

We Can Address All Your Elder Law Concerns

Our team strives to get to know every client we work with by learning about your family’s needs and preferences so we can address your specific concerns and create a unique plan that works for your loved one and the rest of your family. We can help you with almost any elder care or elder law topic. This includes:

  • Assisted living or nursing home care, in-home care, or other options for long-term care
  • Naming a guardian and fiduciary
  • Powers of attorney for finances and healthcare
  • Life care planning, both for today and the future
  • End of life care and planning
  • Medicaid planning and asset protection related to long-term care needs

We do not believe in one-size-fits-all plans. Instead, we will work with your family directly to develop the best options for crisis intervention and proactive planning. We help you solve today’s problems while working to prevent similar issues in the future.

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Bratton Estate & Elder Care Attorneys Make Caring for an Aging Loved One Easier

At Bratton Estate & Elder Care Attorneys, our team understands how difficult it is to navigate your everyday life when you can only think about making tough decisions and whether you are doing the right thing for your aging loved one. We can step in, discuss your concerns, and work with you to find solutions. And elder law lawyer in Washington Township, NJ, on our team will give you a plan and peace of mind. Call 856 770 2744 to get started.

We will work together to address your most pressing elder law questions for both today and in the future. You can count on us to:

  • Put a proactive plan in place to prevent most elder law crises in the future
  • Reduce your stress and anxiety about your loved one’s safety and your family’s financial health
  • Focus your plan on your family’s unique and specific needs
  • Advocate for your family and your loved one as necessary

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We Are Here for You When You Face Elder Law Issues

Prospective clients rarely reach out to us when things are going well. In almost every case, they call us because they are not sure where to turn or what to do during a tough time. If you have concerns about your loved one’s wellbeing and future, it is only natural to be stressed. We can come up with a plan for you and put your mind at ease.

Our elder law lawyers in Washington Township, NJ, often help families who face:

  • A new diagnosis of a chronic, progressive, or terminal disease
  • A heart attack, stroke, or another serious medical concern
  • Decreasing mobility and independence
  • Loss of independence because of a broken hip or other fall injuries
  • Advancing dementia, Alzheimer’s disease, or other cognitive concern
  • Increasing concerns about self-care, decision-making, and independent living

If you feel overwhelmed by planning for your loved one’s future or have immediate elder law concerns, our team can help. We know how stressful this time can be and will strive to make it easier on you. We can address many topics, depending on your needs. Some of the most common ways we help our clients include:

  • Advance directives and health care powers of attorney
  • Financial powers of attorney
  • Living probate including guardianship and conservatorship
  • Life care planning
  • Medicaid planning and asset protection
  • Advocating for our clients and their loved ones when necessary

Let an elder law lawyer in Washington Township, NJ, on our team help you put a plan in place that addresses all your elder law concerns. We can lift this weight from your shoulders and give you the peace of mind you need during this difficult time.

We Also Offer a Full Menu of Other Services for You and Your Family

In addition to addressing immediate and long-term elder law issues, Bratton Estate & Elder Care Attorneys offer a number of services that may be helpful to your aging loved one or other members of your family. We offer full estate planning services, including setting up trusts, handling estate administration, and pursuing estate litigation when necessary.

We will also work with you or a family member to create a life care plan that addresses care needs today and in the future. Medicaid and long-term care planning is a part of this process.

We can also help with asset protection and Medicaid planning separately from life care planning. It is never too early to start thinking about how to protect your family if you suffer an injury or illness and require in-home care or placement in a long-term care facility.

Call us today at 856 770 2744 to learn more about any of these services.

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At Bratton Estate & Elder Care Attorneys, our team is here to help your family address any pressing elder law concerns and help you take a proactive approach to prevent similar situations in the future. We can create a life care plan or work with you to address some of the most common eldercare needs before they arise and become a time-sensitive crisis.

In addition to an office in Philadelphia, we have four offices across New Jersey. This includes:

  • Haddonfield
  • Moorestown
  • Trenton
  • Linwood

We can also meet with you at a hospital, assisted living or nursing home, your home, or another location convenient for you in Washington Township. Our attorneys can reduce the stress associated with caring for an aging loved one and allow you to enjoy your time with them. Call us today at 856 770 2744 to learn more about how we can help you and your family.

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