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Emotions run high after the death of a loved one, and everyone believes they know what the deceased would want. Especially if there is no will or \estate plan, this can quickly lead to disagreements between family members and friends. If you need help settling an estate dispute in Winslow Township, NJ, or if you need representation during estate litigation, the team from Bratton Estate & Elder Care Attorneys is here to help.

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Often, estate litigation is avoidable even after a disagreement escalates into a dispute. While it seems like compromise is unlikely at this stage, we can often help our clients reach an agreement and avoid going to court. Our attorneys also serve as trained mediators who can get both sides on common ground and work to negotiate a fair solution that both sides see as a win.

The estate litigation team from Bratton Estate & Elder Care Attorneys is here to help you navigate the estate administration process, including any disagreements that may arise. When you call on our attorneys to help with an estate dispute, we will:

  • Review the will, if possible, and other estate documents to better understand the disagreement
  • Help you understand your options for mediation, other dispute resolution techniques, or litigation
  • Explain the strengths and weaknesses of your case and all possible outcomes
  • Put a plan in place to protect your loved one’s dignity and legacy, as well as your own interests in the outcome of the dispute

When possible, our attorneys will always turn to proven dispute resolution and mediation techniques to try to avoid taking your family’s disagreement in front of a judge. Litigation creates additional conflict and can leave your family with hard feelings for years to come. However, sometimes estate litigation becomes necessary. If needed, we will not hesitate to take legal action on your behalf.

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We Can Often Help Resolve Winslow Township Estate Disputes

There are generally two ways we can help you resolve an estate dispute:

  • Reaching an agreement with the other party; or
  • Taking your case to court and arguing on your behalf

The first step in resolving this type of dispute is to get a well-rounded view of the situation. This requires us to analyze any available estate documents and explain the stipulations of those documents. In most cases that support estate litigation, the deceased did not leave a will or other estate plan, however.

Once we understand the dispute, we can offer advice and guidance on what a fair agreement might look like. We can host mediation or use other dispute resolution tactics to facilitate an agreement, and even take steps to alleviate the worries driving the dispute, such as taking on the administration of the estate ourselves.

While this process is often effective, we sometimes recognize that estate litigation is unavoidable or even the best option for getting your needs met. If this happens in your case, we will:

  • File all necessary paperwork and meet all applicable deadlines
  • Explain what you can expect every step of the way
  • Fight for your best interests throughout the process

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We Understand the Most Common Causes of Camden County, NJ Estate Litigation

Estate litigation is most likely when someone dies without a will in Camden County, NJ. If there is a will, some members of the family may claim it is invalid due to lack of capacity or undue influence. These are the two most common — but often related — challenges to a last will and testament or another estate plan.

Lack of Capacity Claims

Lack of capacity claims include accusations that the deceased did not understand what they were doing at the time they created and signed their will, often because of dementia or another serious health concern.

Undue Influence Claims

An undue influence claim is an allegation that one heir or a group of heirs convinced the deceased to create a will or change their will in a way that they would not have normally agreed to do. Undue influence claims often go hand-in-hand with lack of capacity claims.

While lack of capacity and undue influence claims are two top reasons the validity of your loved one’s will may end up in court, there are also ways to settle some of these concerns outside of the courtroom. When we evaluate your case, we can help you understand what may be possible based on the facts of your case.

Challenges Related to the Estate Administrator’s Role

Occasionally, an estate disagreement centers on the abilities and reputation of the estate administrator or executor of the will. We can help you challenge an unfit administrator or defend you if you are the administrator facing a challenge.

We understand how painful it can be to have family and friends question your ethics and abilities. It is more than an inheritance at stake; it is your good reputation and character. At Bratton Estate & Elder Care Attorneys, we will put your best interests first. Let us help you face this type of Winslow Township, NJ estate dispute.

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