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Alexander Moore Wins Vicki Elaine Whitworth Memorial Scholarship Fund


Alexander Moore’s paternal grandmother was a nurse, and he draws much inspiration from her life. Moore is this year’s winner of the Vicki Elaine Whitworth Memorial Scholarship Fund, which asks applicants to write about the qualities of an effective nurse.

“A good nurse must be able to act swiftly and respond to medical impetus with practiced confidence,” wrote Moore. But that’s not the only ability that makes a nurse exceptional. They must be able to internalize the extensive training required for the job, relate to their patients, and juggle a host of treatment plans at the same time.

Additionally, a good nurse needs to be able to mesh well with a variety of people.

“Nurses also are exposed to an enormous breadth of patients from all walks of life,” wrote Moore, “and so part of being a good nurse is having the open-minded awareness of these identities and not allowing personal belief to cloud treatment quality.”

Who Is Alexander Moore?

A member of fraternity Tau Beta Pi, Alexander Moore is pursuing a Master’s degree from the University of Arizona.

The descendant of immigrants on his maternal grandmother’s side, Moore volunteers around Tucson when he is able. He’s also minoring in violin—an instrument he has been studying since he was a child.

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Bratton Law Group’s Vicki Elaine Whitworth Memorial Scholarship Fund

As a firm that focuses on elder care and estate law, Bratton Law Group is well acquainted with the importance of nursing. It is one of the most fundamental and most crucial parts of our nation’s healthcare system.

We developed the $1,250 Vicki Elaine Whitworth Memorial Scholarship Fund to honor the memory of founding member Chris Bratton’s Mom, Vicki Elaine Whitworth, who was a registered nurse for over two decades. Vicki passed away in November 2000 at the young age of 51. The goal of this scholarship is to provide financial assistance to exceptional students while honoring those in the nursing profession.

Click the link to read Alexander Moore’s winning essay.

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