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Choosing Your Caregiver with Medicaid


Family members who care for the elderly may be eligible to be paid by Medicaid. When a senior needs ongoing daily care, often the family members assume the responsibility of transporting the individual to doctor appointments, tests, and daily errands. Many family members also have to give up jobs or work fewer hours to provide care for a family member as a senior may need ongoing daily care at home before qualifying for nursing home care. In these situations, family members providing care can be compensated for their time and services through Medicaid.

As long as a senior is eligible for Medicaid, he or she can choose a family member or friend as a caretaker, and then the person chosen to provide care can be paid by Medicaid. While it might be expected that to get funds to pay a caretaker is complicated, the process is relatively easy.

The New Jersey Division of Medical Assistance and Health Services under the New Jersey Department of Health and Human Services provides information on how this can be done through the New Jersey Personal Preference Program. Each state has its own program for paying caregivers through Medicaid and in New Jersey, Medicaid recipients can choose the specific individual they want to provide care, including relatives, friends, and neighbors. This program allows Medicaid recipients to hire others to help with daily living activities, use cleaning services to maintain the home, hire others to do errands such as shopping and receive services from a home health agency. Seniors on Medicaid can even get assistance with laundry services and use funds to purchase a microwave or other small appliance to help with maintaining independence.

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There are a few factors for determining eligibility for the Personal Preference Program. The senior should be enrolled in Medicaid through the State of New Jersey Family Care program. It is also necessary to be approved for Personal Care Assistant Services. According to the New Jersey Division of Medical Assistance and Health Services, the senior should also be able to self-direct or choose a caregiver and can also select someone to act on his or her behalf as necessary.

Some of the additional benefits of the Personal Preference Program include not only help with daily living but also assistance with transportation and recreational activities. This program also allows for the installation of ramps or handrails to help those who are in wheelchairs. Walk-in tubs and stair glides which are also funded can enable a senior to remain in the home longer.

Choosing a caregiver through Medicaid offers seniors independence and the ability to have someone they trust to provide care to them daily. Programs like the Personal Preference Program in New Jersey allow for additional options to provide high-quality care. By understanding the options available for personal care through Medicaid, seniors can make the decision that is right for them in their choice of who will care for them while allowing them to remain at home.

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