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Not Ready For a Nursing Home? Consider Day Care.

Elder Care

Choosing a senior care option can be a daunting and difficult decision. People now live longer than ever before, more and more seniors find themselves in need of care in their later years.

Sometimes, the onset of physical disabilities or conditions like Alzheimer’s disease make it difficult or impossible for family members to meet these needs on their own. Regardless, the family may be very reluctant to consider an expensive assisted living facility or nursing home because the move could mean a loss of freedom for their loved one and may be cost prohibitive to the family.

If you’re not quite ready to make the move to a full time facility, but you or your loved one are in need of extra care, you should consider an adult day care program. This is typically a great option for families who work outside the home and are unable to care for their loved one in the morning and afternoon hours.

If your loved one finds it tough to get around, it can be easy for feelings of social isolation to set in, and these feelings often lead to depression. Adult day care programs give your loved one social interaction with peers while still providing for health and medical needs.

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Depending on the services provided, adult day care programs can cost between $25 and $75 per day. Compare that to the cost of in-home care, which can range from $20 to more than $50 per hour. In some cases, private insurance may cover the cost of day care if a doctor has recommended it. Individuals with Alzheimer’s or very low income may have the cost covered by Medicaid.

There is a full directory of adult day care programs, searchable by state and zip code, available at www.adultdaycare.org/directory. Anne Markel-Crozier, director of Care Coordination at Bratton Law Group Life Care Planning, can explain all your options and assist you in making the best choice for your elderly family member.

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