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Elder Law: Why You Need a Long Term Care Plan

Elder Law

At Bratton Law Group, our elder law lawyers understand; developing a long term care plan is one of those necessary evils (kind of like going to the dentist.)  It’s not something you look forward to doing; however, to motivate you, consider that the cost of one year of nursing home care, in a private room, hovers around $107,000 in the Philadelphia area.  Our South Jersey, Philadelphia, and Ewing  clients find that having a long term care plan in place helps them and their loved ones to feel more relaxed, knowing they are financially secure and won’t be devastated by long term care costs.  In the below article learn the three main ways to pay for long term care and where to get help.

Read this informative article here.

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As with all estate planning, the sooner you consult with an attorney and map out a plan, the smaller the legal fees, the more money you’ll be able to protect, and the more choices you will have.  But, it’s never too late.  Don’t give up; always consult with a qualified elder law attorney at Bratton Law Group LLC.

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