Filing Bankruptcy Can Improve Your Credit Score

Filing for Bankruptcy is never an easy decision and not one that is taken lightly by our clients. Most do not want to go down that road but often it is the only way to obtain relief from a mountain of debt that has been accumulated for any number of reasons.

“Often, our clients file for bankruptcy not because they are lazy or because they do not want to work, but perhaps because they have mounting medical bills, are going through or recently completed a divorce or have made poor business decisions in terms of who they have aligned themselves with,” remarked Ari Linden, Chair of Bratton Law LLC Bankruptcy Department.

“Filing for Bankruptcy will allow them to start fresh and rebuild their credit rather than continuing on in a destructive pattern.”

In a recent article entitled Improve Your Credit Score by Filing for Bankruptcy: Here’s How published by Richard Fonfrias, J.D. Fonfrias explains how you are a better credit risk after filing for bankruptcy, having erased most of your debt, that you may see your credit score improve. Click here to read the full article.”

Filing for Bankruptcy can allow a fresh start and a chance to rebuild credit rather than continuing on a destructive pattern.

If you are considering filing for bankruptcy or have questions, Ari Linden can be reached at 856-857-6007.

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