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Free Upcoming Estate Planning & Asset Protection Events | 2012


Protect You and Your Loved Ones!

Bratton Law Group is pleased to offer TWO free public seminars next month! Click the event link to sign up directly through the website or contact Tina at the Haddonfield office to reserve your seat. 856 770 2744

Seminar one:

Audience: Public

Topic: Long Term Care and Asset Protection

Date: Feb, 1st, 2012

Where: Little Tuna, Haddonfield, NJ

Description: Anyone who is interested in learning about Long Term Care and Asset Protection as it relates to Long Term Care, this is the seminar for you. Click the link above to reserve your seat.

Cost: Free

Seminar Two:


Topic: Wills and Estate Planning Workshop

Date: February 9, 2012 6:00pm

Where: The Mansion at Main Street, Voorhees, NJ

For a legal consultation, call 856 770 2744

Description:You are Invited to a Free Wills and Estate Planning Workshop provided by experienced Estate Planning Attorney Charles Bratton. Some topics discussed during this workshop include how to make sure your assets pass to your family and not creditors, the State,  or IRS, know whether a Living Trust or a Will is adequate protection for you, learn how Powers of Attorney work and which ones work, how to minimize or eliminate Federal and New Jersey Estate Tax, how will New Jersey’s death tax impact your family, how to use Medicaid to pay nursing home expenses, how to protect your assets from long term care cost, and how to effectively use a trust to protect assets for your heirs.

Cost: FREE

Call 856 770 2744 or complete the Contact us form

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