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Healthcare Benefits for Veterans: What You May Not Know

Elder Law

If you are a veteran or surviving spouse of a veteran and need help with everyday tasks, you may be entitled to help from the Veterans Association to pay for assistance. A little known benefit from the Veterans Association called Aid and Attendance can help with the costs of getting help with dressing, bathing, or other tasks. Understanding what you may be entitled to is beneficial in making sure you have access to services to help you in affording the additional care you need.

There are specific criteria that need to be met to qualify for Aid and Attendance. Aid and Attendance is a benefit that is available to vets or their surviving spouses as long as the vets served for 90 days or more, active duty, with at least one day being during a period of war. This additional benefit, as explained by the Veterans Association, will be added to the monthly pension amount if at least one of the following situations exist:

  • You require the help of someone else to bathe, dress, or maneuver around the home or nursing home.
  • You are bedridden and need care for accomplishing simple tasks.
  • You are a patient in a nursing home because you have a physical or mental disability.
  • Eyesight is 5/200 in both eyes, or concentric contraction of the visual field is 5 degrees or less.

This benefit will help to defer the costs of paying for help with routine tasks in a home setting or even a nursing home.

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If you think you may be eligible for the Aid and Attendance benefit, the Veterans Association recommends you apply by completing the necessary forms and submitting them to the Pension Management Center that serves your state. It is also possible to apply by going to the local Veterans Association office.

Some of the information needed to apply includes a doctor’s note that shows the need for such services as well as certain Veterans Association forms. The doctor’s note must include information that services are needed for daily living tasks as well as if there is a physical or mental disability. Also required is a clear description of how the individual seeking help from the Aid and Attendance benefit moves around and gets help with daily tasks. Additional particular forms are required for nursing home residents seeking the benefit.

However, there are some limitations to receiving this benefit. There is a net worth limit of $123,600 for all assets in 2019. In some cases, an applicant’s home and property will not count as an asset, and the applicant can also deduct certain medical costs from all assets. These limitations can be tricky, and understanding the benefits available is essential. With the cost of home health care continuing to rise, having access to the Aid and Attendance program can help in paying for expenses that may not otherwise be affordable.

To determine if you qualify for benefits, or to develop a plan designed to obtain eligibility, contact the experienced elder law attorneys at Bratton Law Group today. We will review your case and determine the best way to move forward in an effort to get you approved for the VA benefits you earned.

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