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Helping a Loved One Cope With Loss of Independence

Elder Law

There is a point in everybody’s life where the roles we play for one another can begin to reverse.  While our children grow older and become self-sufficient adults who no longer need their parent’s watchful eye, our parents who once took care of us become elderly and may need our regular assistance.  Though many elderly people live long and vibrant lives well into their senior years, it is important to be prepared for the possibility that illness or injury could eventually present themselves. The best way to protect our loved ones and make sure that all of the legal and financial challenges that may arise are covered is to plan ahead, and that’s what Bratton Law Group Attorneys’ Life Care Planning services are all about.

There are two ways to approach a problem: one is to anticipate it and proactively plan for it, and the other is to react to it. Anybody who has been through a crisis with their elderly loved one who did not take preparatory steps will tell you that they wish that they had done so.  We are here to help. We provide comprehensive Life Care Planning services that provide you and your loved one with the security of knowing that you have put all of the necessary protections in place and that you have a strategy that everybody is comfortable with. Our process begins with an appointment with our elder care coordinator and elder law attorney, who will act as a powerful and knowledgeable advocate on behalf of your loved one. Rather than taking a cookie-cutter approach, we start with a basic template that makes sure that no aspect of care is missed, while establishing your loved one’s unique needs and preferences as a priority.

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Whether your aging parent or loved one is still completely independent or is beginning to be plagued with forgetfulness, illness, or frailty, it is neither too early nor too late to put a plan into place. We always address our clients’ needs with an eye to creating a solution that provides comfort, dignity, and peace of mind. We also focus on their legal, financial, and physical security, helping identify the appropriate care setting, making sure that all of the appropriate documents have been prepared and signed, and helping you take advantage of all of the possible public benefits and funding opportunities that can help you address their needs.  Our skillfulness comes from years of experience: not only do we have a broad knowledge of Medicaid, Medicare, and VA benefits, but also of the various options and living situations that are available should your loved one require assistance in self-care, or long-term care.

We know that your top priority is to make sure that your aging parent or loved one is safe, happy, and healthy. We also know that facing the loss of independence can be a challenging time for them, and a difficult topic to raise. Making an appointment to discuss our Life Care Planning services is an important first step that can take away the fear and strangeness and provide a positive, confidence-building step.

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