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Is a Home Health Aide Right for Your Family?

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Your elderly loved one needs extra care, but you have to work. What do you do? Many South Jersey families are experiencing the same thing you are; mom or dad doesn’t need skilled nursing care in a facility, but they do need some extra assistance during the day. A home health aide may be exactly what you need.

Many companies are popping up all over South Jersey advertising “compassionate, capable home health aides.” Choosing someone to care for your loved one shouldn’t be made quickly. You are allowing the person into your home and need to be able to trust them with your possessions and, most importantly, your elderly loved one.

First things first:

  • Check qualifications. If you are hiring an aide through a service, make sure all the employees have been thoroughly screened. This includes background checks and training. You want someone who is experienced and able to act quickly and correctly in case of an emergency.
  • Interview prospects; don’t just take the first aide assigned to your case. This person will be spending time with your loved one. If your mom or dad doesn’t get a good vibe from the aide, keep looking. Also, if your family needs special skills, such as someone who can handle an agitated patient or someone who doesn’t mind preparing foods, don’t forget to make sure your chosen aide is not only capable, but willing, to do these things.
  • Privacy is critically important. It’s likely your elderly loved one would rather not need the aide at all. They may even fight you tooth and nail when you explain that someone will be by to help them throughout the week, or even daily. To ease your loved one’s stress, make sure the home health aide you choose understands the importance of privacy. If your family member needs help with sensitive tasks, such as bathroom time or dressing, ask the aide to tread lightly – asking for permission and offering as much privacy as possible

When your family member needs help but you or another family caregiver cannot be there, finding a qualified a home health aide may be a great alternative. Just choose carefully and keep your eyes open.

How Do I Know That a Particular Home Health Aide is The Right Fit for My Loved One?

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Not only do you need to hire a home health aide who is properly trained and verified, but you need to hire someone who is caring and compassionate. Many home health care companies furnish a prospective client with a need-based profile to ensure that a home health aide is selected to fit his or her lifestyle and personality. This means that everyone is on the same page, working together as a team to provide customized care.

Will My Loved One Lose Their Privacy or Independence?

A home health aide is committed to keeping your aging loved one independent and safe, allowing him or her to stay in control of their daily routine. While some independence is bound to be lost, the right home health care aide will work hard to make sure that your loved one preserves their privacy and dignity.

Life care planning is a complex, but critically important, step to ensuring the best quality of life for your aging loved ones. Consult with the knowledgeable lawyers at Bratton Law Group to be certain that your family is well-protected through the years.

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