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Living with Elderly Parents in The Time of COVID-19

Elder Care

As we continue to adjust to the new normal, many family caregivers find themselves struggling with their living situation. If you are caring for an elderly parent during these new and difficult times, our Elder Care Coordinator, Katie Knook, shares some tips on how to keep your aging loved ones socially engaged, physically active, and emotionally stable.

  • Plan Activities That Involve Some More of Their Senses


  • Cooking with very fragrant odors and while cooking talk about what past memories they tie those scents to and share stories.
  • A 15 minute exercise activity that involves holding different materials like pillows, balls, canned goods, etc. to experience different weights and textures; or taking walks to different destinations each week
  • Use Meaningful Conversation Starters to Make Deeper Connections


  • Family vacation stories and impactful trips
  • Important dates in one’s past, like wedding, graduation, first job, child’s birthday, first date
  • Favorites lists (movies, tv shows, books, animals, characters etc.)
  • Always Set Time for Yourself and Find Options for Support
  • Build a support network of family, friends, or neighbors. Even though you may only be able to talk with them virtually or 6 ft. apart during this time, it is important to be able to share your feelings and frustrations with others.
  • Take a few minutes to be able to do something relaxing for yourself, like a walk outside, meditation, relaxing bath, listening to favorite music, or just being alone a few minutes to rest your mind

Caring for a loved one at home can prove to be taxing, especially during the coronavirus pandemic. If you are struggling to meet the needs of an elderly love one, we can help. Contact our compassionate life care planning team today.

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