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Money is Available to Stay at Home in New Jersey

Elder Care

Caring for an aging loved one is stressful. For many families, they have no idea where to begin the process of finding government monies to help pay for care. The # 1 question I am asked is, “What happens when the money runs out?”

As an elder law firm, our job is to help families use their personal assets and qualify for government programs that will help pay for long-term care. If you are looking to keep your loved one at home, New Jersey offers Medicaid benefits to those at home known as the Personal Preference Program. This program is state managed and the Medicaid beneficiary is assigned a care manager. The care manager will use a tool that is provided by the state to determine how many hours Medicaid will cover. You get a bucket of dollars per month, at roughly 10 dollars an hour to pay a caregiver of choice.

When the plan is to stay at home, even for a short period, don’t miss out on government monies that are available to help pay for care.

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