Do You Need an Elder Law Attorney?

It’s a good question, especially because the term “elder law” leads someone to believe that an attorney who specializes in this field deals only with senior citizens. Not true. An elder law attorney understands that there are many issues that impact our lives as we age; those issues can have complex legal concerns. An elder law attorney can offer guidance to clients, at any age, who are dealing with issues associated with aging.

Many Estate Planning strategies, such as a will, should be considered as soon as possible to protect assets and provide for a person’s family – especially if young children are involved. Conversely, seniors might be concerned with protecting assets, making Medicare or Medicaid claims or appeals or be concerned with disability issues.

Similarly, powers of attorney, healthcare proxies and even living wills are issues for everyone – at any age.

An elder law attorney at Bratton Law can, most of all, bring your family peace of mind. Whether it’s an issue of finances, caregiving, health concerns or something else, through careful discussion and document planning, we can make sure that – at any age – you and your loved ones will be protected come whatever may. Contact us today for a consultation.