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October is National Physical Therapy Month


October is when we celebrate National Physical Therapy month! Physical therapists and physical therapy assistants are experts in movement and optimizing function. They provide clinical skills that not only help you recover from an acute illness but can also help you manage chronic conditions with a more holistic approach; avoiding surgery and long-term opioid use. This year the American Physical Therapy Association (APTA) encourages patients to choose more movement, choose better health, choose physical therapy.

To learn more visit www.choosept.com

3 Tips to Get Started Moving!

  • Start small, 10 minutes of activity adds up. Try scheduling time into your day and get outside for a walk around the block. Challenge yourself to go farther each week.
  • Find a movement buddy! Having someone who holds you accountable makes you more likely to be successful.
  • You don’t need a gym to be active. Common household objects offer some great resistive training options; a standard can of soup =1lb, Half gallon of milk = approximately 4lbs, Gallon of milk = approximately 8lbs. Choosept.com offers free and safe resources to get started as well – Exercise Videos From Physical Therapists

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