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Social Work Month 2021: Social Workers are Essential


Celebrated each March by the National Association of Social Workers, Social Work Month is a time to celebrate the great profession of social work and highlight the invaluable contributions they make to society.

The official theme for Social Work Month 2021 is Social Workers Are Essential, which embodies the heroic contributions of the Social Work profession to our nation, including the work Social Workers have done to heal our nation during the COVID-19 pandemic. Social Workers have been on the front lines along with doctors, nurses, grocery store staff and other essential employee helping people overcome crises.

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During Social Work Month, we would like to honor our social worker on staff – Anne Markel-Crozier. Amid the COVID-19 public health emergency, Anne went above and beyond to advocate for our clients. When long-term care facilities restricted visitations, Anne worked tirelessly to ensure that our clients continued to receive the best care possible and that families remained informed about their loved ones. In a time of social distancing, Anne made certain that our clients were able to stay in contact with their families. And through constant communication, Anne was able to help manage the needs of our clients who were isolated at home and help them to create life-enhancing social connections. The dedication and compassion that our Elder Care Coordinators had for our clients and their families during a time of uncertainty was admirable and we are fortunate to have Anne as well as Claire and Katie on our Life Care Planning team.

Social Workers are undoubtedly essential to community well-being. During March and throughout the year, the team at Bratton Law Group celebrates our nations unsung heroes. Happy Social Work Month!

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