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What Are Nursing Home Rights in New Jersey?

Life Care Planning

Nursing home residents have special rights protected under New Jersey law. The New Jersey Department of Health provides information to the public on what to expect when transitioning into a nursing home and describes the rights for those living in a nursing home. Nursing home residents should understand they will be able to maintain their independence and autonomy as much as possible and accordingly, nursing home rights in New Jersey reflect the ability of all individuals to choose care options and make the decisions best for them. These rights provide for everyone to have fair and equal treatment when needing nursing home care and clearly define what treatment a New Jersey resident should expect in a nursing home.

Whether transitioning into a nursing home for the first time or a long time resident, understanding these nursing home rights in New Jersey can improve the quality of care provided. A nursing home resident should be able to choose a physician as well as expect the physician to explain treatment and medication clearly. Residents have the right to be treated with respect, without physical or mental abuse. A resident also has the right to manage finances or delegate this responsibility. This particular right includes receiving a written statement identifying all costs associated with care in a nursing home.

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Additional fundamental rights include having a clean, safe environment and being able to keep personal property such as televisions, books and other valued items, according to the New Jersey Department of Health. These items also need to be protected against theft. Other rights include being able to have physical privacy such as the ability to take of one’s self and to expect confidentiality for all treatment and services.

Nursing home residents can have visitors and can leave during the day whenever they like if they are physically able to do so. In addition, residents should be able to participate in social, community, and religious activities. No resident should ever have to experience discrimination based on sex, religion, age, race, or nationality. To make sure the facility honors these rights, residents also have the right to participate in a Resident Council to present concerns or issues to the nursing home administrator.

A nursing home resident cannot be transferred without notice; everyone has the right to receive advance notice of transfer. Residents can also choose to be discharged, or if unable to do so, next of kin may assume this responsibility.

Understanding nursing home care rights can make the nursing home resident more comfortable. Residents should be able to retain as much independence as possible while living in a safe and healthy environment. Most states have nursing home rights, and in New Jersey, these rights are protected by law.

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