Why is it Important to Hire an Experienced Short Sale Attorney?

The current real estate market is unlike any we have ever seen. Real estate values endured a roller coaster ride during the past decade, leaving many homeowners currently owing more than their home is worth. This trend, coupled with the global economic crisis has created an unprecedented volume of properties in Foreclosure, leaving homeowners asking what options exist. For most, short sale is the most attractive option and Camden County, NJ Law firm, Bratton Law, LLC has developed expertise navigating through the incredibly cumbersome process.

John Rothamel, Bratton Law partner and Real Estate Attorney, explains the two main reasons to hire an experienced short sale attorney is his new article entitled, Why is it important to hire an Experienced Short Sale Attorney. This article explains the process of a short sale, benefits, and the service you can expect from the Bratton Law Short Sale team.

If you cannot make your mortgage payments and your house mortgage is more than your house is currently worth, a short sale may be a good fit for you.  Consult with a qualified and experienced short sale attorney by calling our Haddonfield, Ewing, or Philadelphia office at 856-857-6007.