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What is Life Care Planning?

A Life Care Plan provides a comprehensive plan for all your current and future needs, including both medical and non-medical care. Our South Jersey life care planning lawyers can help you create a plan for your needs, or the needs of an impaired or aging loved one. Life Care Planning allows you to maintain control of your treatment, safety, and quality of life even if you can one day no longer make day-to-day decisions on your own.


Life Care Plans are an especially good option if you or a loved one suffered a catastrophic injury; has a chronic, degenerative, or terminal illness; or has a serious impairment. We can help you ensure the best medical care and quality of life possible, no matter the situation or your condition.

Parts of a New Jersey Life Care Plan

At Bratton Law Group, our Life Care Planning team consists of attorneys, social workers, and a registered nurse. This team approach allows us to better understand and address your current needs and identify possible future care requirements. Other parts of comprehensive Life Care Planning include:

  • Estate planning
  • Asset preservation
  • Review of public benefit options, including the VA
  • Medicaid planning
  • Care coordination
  • Eldercare advocacy
  • Powers of attorney (e.g., healthcare and financial)
  • Family education and support
  • Crisis intervention, when necessary

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Understanding the Purpose of a Life Care Plan

The goal of Life Care Planning is to ensure you or your family member gets the most appropriate care for your situation. Our focus is ensuring you get the best possible quality of life, including placement in a facility that can provide the level of care needed, if necessary.

Life Care Plans must consider potential life changes. For example, a nurse who stays with you during the day to ensure you take your medication might be enough right now, you might need more focused care later.

When we craft a Life Care Plan based on your specific needs, we attempt to predict these changes and build contingencies into your plan. If your condition worsens and you need around-the-clock at-home care or need to move into an assisted living facility, you already have a plan in place for how to make this happen quickly and smoothly.

A Life Care Plan should:

  • Ensure the appropriate and necessary care at all times, even as needs change
  • Maintain the best quality of life possible, no matter whether you or your loved one remains at home or in a care facility
  • Identify all public health care options you may qualify for, including Medicaid and veteran’s benefits
  • Employing legal strategies to protect your assets while funding current and future care costs
  • Give you peace of mind about your family’s future, as well as your own future safety and well-being

Crafting Your Life Care Plan

Bratton Law Group’s Life Care Planning Team — which includes eldercare lawyers, social workers, and a registered nurse — will work closely with your family to ensure we understand your priorities, preferences, and needs. By working with families one-on-one and getting to know each family’s needs and concerns, we can put a personalized plan in place that addresses your current and future needs.

At the same time, we will work to protect as many of your assets as possible. By identifying and employing the right legal strategies, we can preserve much of your estate for your family members while still paying for the level of care you need and deserve.

When you work with us, we assign an elder care coordinator to manage your case. This coordinator can address any concerns or questions you have and guide you through the process of identifying your care needs and predicting your future needs.

Your personalized Life Care Plan will focus on your medical, emotional, and social needs. It will coordinate care and ensure care advocacy, no matter how your condition or the level of care you require changes. Whether we create a plan for you or your loved one, safety and comfort come first. This can help ease any uncertainties you and your family may have about the future.

Talk to a New Jersey Estate Planning Attorney About Life Care Planning

Bratton Law Group’s interdisciplinary team works together to understand your family’s needs and preferences, and to predict how these may change over the years. We can help you create a comprehensive Life Care Plan for yourself, your aging parent, or another loved one. This plan will put your family’s best interests firsts, ensuring safety, comfort, and appropriate care at all times. We can also help protect your assets while funding all current and future care needs.

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