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Elder Law and Medicaid Planning in New Jersey

Bratton Elder Law Medicaid Planning

As the old Benjamin Franklin adage says, nothing is certain except death and taxes. When settling an estate after death, both realities become vitally important. An estate is a legal entity comprised of a person’s assets. Estate administration is the process of dividing those assets between creditors and beneficiaries after death. Having an experienced probate and estate lawyer on your side prevents initial issues in estate administration and ensures that, if problems do arise, beneficiaries receive their assets in full. When considering estate administration, especially if the administration goes awry, an experienced probate and estate lawyer like those at Bratton Law Group Firm can guide you through the complex web of New Jersey’s estate and eldercare laws. We’ll ensure the money goes to the deceased’s loved ones instead of being wasted on unnecessary taxes and investments.
You should also consider long-term care planning with the assistance of an elder lawyer or a Medicaid attorney. Bratton Law Group can help you focus on your business and reduce financial worries.
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Considerations for Elder-Care

After working for decades, you may have built up assets that you would like to pass down to your children and grandchildren. You worked hard to save money, purchase property, and live within your means so that you could help the next generation. Your hard work should not be wasted. We can help you navigate New Jersey estate and elder care law to protect your assets from medical bills and long-term care costs. Many vehicles, including gifts, insurance, and trusts, can help protect your assets and ensure that they wind up in the hands of the people you love rather than drained on long-term care costs.

  • Asset Protection – You can protect your assets against long-term and medical care costs by using trusts, retitling assets, gifting, and insurance. These tools are available to help you.
  • Guardianships – If you are unable to manage your finances or your health, court-ordered conservatorship and conservation will help protect your assets and ensure that you have someone who can assist you with your medical needs. A durable power of attorney might also be an option. These options will be reviewed and matched to your specific situation.
  • Medicaid The high cost of long-term care can leave most families in debt. We can help you plan for long-term care costs and explain what Medicaid expects of you financially.
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Count on the Elder Law Expertise at Bratton Law Group

Aging is never easy. The experience of your body no longer being able to do the things it used to can be heartbreaking. It’s hard for adult children to watch their parents lose their vigor. Medicaid planning does not need to be additional stress on top of all that. Bratton Law Group Firm can help you navigate New Jersey estate and elder care law so that you can focus on enjoying your golden years. Today’s decisions will impact your loved ones long after you are gone – give them the gift of a well-managed estate.

You will appreciate the peace of mind that comes with knowing your affairs are in order, and you can enjoy your time with the people you love. Give us a call today to learn how Bratton Law Group Firm can help you and your family with Medicaid planning.
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