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Anne Markel-Crozier BSW, CSW

BSW, CSW, CECC, director of Care Coordination at Bratton Law Group Life Care Planning

Attorney Anne Markel-Crozier

Experience matters.

As Americans are living longer and facing more and more complicated and debilitating injuries and illnesses, Life Care Planning has become a go-to resource for families who want to provide the very best care for their aging loved ones while protecting their assets and planning for the future.

We believe that the best way to care for our aging family members is to foster peace of mind for everyone involved. Anne Markel-Crozier, BSW, CSW, CECC, brings over 25 years of experience to her position as an elder care coordinator at Bratton Law Group. She has worked closely with the elderly in many different facets of healthcare, including adult day care, long-term care, behavior management, hemodialysis, sub-acute rehab, ventilator, hospital settings, and assisted living facilities. Ms. Crozier currently serves on the  Life Care Planning Law Firm Association’s Board of Directors as a Class-A Director.

Ms. Markel-Crozier and Her Team Will Put Her Vast Experience to Work for Your Family

In her more than two decades of working with families in NJ & PA, the highly skilled social worker has been an advocate at every point of elder care – from the first steps of life care planning to hospice. After earning her degree in social work from Monmouth College and receiving her Gerontology Certificate from Florida State University, Ms. Markel-Crozier put her knowledge and skills to use for families in the areas of case management, social work, Medicare, Medicaid, private insurance, and long-term care insurance.

Time and time again, she has brought a sense of calm to the storm of frustration that is often felt as families begin their journey through the long-term care system. She comes to this work naturally, having been witness to the lack of coordination and patient advocacy that surrounded her own aging grandmother’s care.

The experienced elder care attorneys at Bratton Law Group are proud to have been able to add Ms. Markel-Crozier to their Life Care Planning team. We have witnessed first-hand how she is able to assist clients and their families by coordinating their current health needs and long-term care. Further, her work as a true elder care advocate empowers caregivers and provides them with the knowledge they need to make the very best choices about elder care. She is committed to helping South Jersey & PA families attain the highest quality of life given their specific circumstances so they no longer have to manage the complexities of care coordination alone.

Contact Ms. Markel-Crozier today for a consultation about how a Life Care Plan can ease your family’s stress. She will explain the various components of a Life Care Plan and help you get started, guiding you along as you navigate the often overwhelming world of elder care service coordination.