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Bratton Law Group, Estate and Elder Care Attorneys, are happy to bring to you the Virtual Dementia Tour. The Virtual Dementia Tour is an individual experience through simulated dementia, created for family members, organizations and healthcare professionals seeking to better understand the physical and mental challenges of their loved ones or patients.

After experiencing VDT, the increased understanding sets the stage for better care and communication. But learning to create a positive environment can only come from attempting to walk in their shoes.

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Quotes from participants:


“We take too much for granted”

“This was a wonderful experience. It was far superior to any previous experience which simulated impairment. It brought into “real time” the challenges experienced by a person with dementia as their sensory skill input becomes impaired.” – Anne

“The Virtual Dementia Tour was an eye-opening experience into the difficulties and uncomfortable state of dementia-related conditions. It gives me an understanding of the physical and mental limitations such as daily pain, eye (sight), hearing and tangible aspects of the disease. Thank you for the opportunity to personally build compassion toward those who suffer.” – Deborah