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Estate Administration Lawyer in Egg Harbor Township, NJ

Entering a will into probate and administering an estate can be a stressful task, especially when you are still grieving your loved one. You may not even be thinking clearly yet, and suddenly you have a full schedule of appraisals, accounting, and calculating taxes on your plate in addition to your regular job. It can be hard to focus and know how to handle these specialized tasks, or even know who you can ask for help.

Because most people only go through this process once or twice during their lifetime, this makes it even more challenging to be sure you know what you need to do. Luckily, our team of estate administration lawyers, social workers, and registered nurses handle these tasks almost every day. An estate administration lawyer in Egg Harbor Township, NJ can offer the help you need, walking with you through the process, and ensuring you have the information you need to proceed at every step.

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Let Our Egg Harbor Township Team Manage the Process for You

The process to administer a New Jersey estate requires you to complete several specialized tasks, many of which most people do only rarely if ever. While some of the most basic estates can be relatively simple, many are much more complicated. It is no wonder so many family members feel overwhelmed at the thought of how much work and the nature of many of the steps involved. If you decide to handle your loved one’s estate on your own, you will need to:

  • Visit the Surrogate’s office and enter the will into probate
  • Pay your loved one’s expenses and debts from an estate account
  • Identify all remaining assets, including tracking down forgotten accounts
  • Call in appraisers when necessary, or otherwise determine the value of all assets
  • Calculate and pay any applicable taxes
  • Disburse assets as the deceased outlined in the will
  • Fund trusts, make donations, or handle other provisions included in the will

While it is possible to handle this process on your own, it is not uncommon to need the advice of three or four different professionals as you work your way through the process. You will likely need to call in support unless you fully understand:

We can handle the entire process for you. This allows you to mourn your loss instead of trying to figure out complex legal and financial tasks.

Even if we do not have all the answers, we work with a network of professionals who does. We can identify the right appraiser for your dad’s car collection, and ensure we understand the full value of it before we continue. We also have accountants who can help us sort out complicated, high net worth estates.
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We Offer a Full Range of Egg Harbor Township Estate Administration Services

Our estate law attorneys know how to manage every step in the estate administration process and can help you work through any issue. From probate to handling complex provisions, we can meet you where you are and help you move forward with confidence. Our team of lawyers, social workers, and a registered nurse offers both legal support as well as compassionate emotional support throughout this process.

We do not offer one-size-fits-all packages. Instead, we combine services to meet your family’s unique needs. Some of the most common Egg Harbor Township, NJ estate administration and probate services we handle include:

  • Offering estate administrators a clear understanding of their role
  • Identifying a knowledgeable appraiser
  • Helping to calculate the value of assets and the estate
  • Explaining tax implications and aiding decision making
  • Filing any inheritance tax paperwork
  • Funding trusts or handling paperwork regarding trusts
  • Managing charitable giving as outlined by the will or estate plan
  • Handling mandatory reporting of any charitable gifts
  • Conflict resolution, if necessary
  • Representing our clients if conflicts occur over the estate

While we can help you administer even the most complex estate and high net value assets, we also provide compassionate support during this tough emotional time.
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Validating the Will: Understanding the NJ Probate Process

Many people fear the probate process and worry about how they will manage it. This anxiety often comes from knowing someone who entered a will into probate in another state. The New Jersey probate process is relatively inexpensive and straightforward. Unlike other states, it will not take years or cost you thousands of dollars.

Most New Jersey wills must go through probate. This is true unless:

  • The deceased shared all assets with their spouse
  • The deceased had all assets in a trust

The probate process validates the will and officially permits you to access their accounts as the administrator of the estate. While the process is straightforward, knowing what to expect can make it easier.

The New Jersey Probate Process: Step by Step

The New Jersey probate process is usually not complicated, mainly because most newer wills created by an attorney are self-proving. The county Surrogate will look to ensure your loved one’s will has the signature of the deceased, two witnesses, and a notary stamp. Once they do this, they will take your payment — per page, not based on the value of the estate — and sign off that you can begin administering the estate.

If you still have questions or concerns about the New Jersey probate process, give us a call. We can answer them for you and may be able to handle the process on your behalf.

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