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Estate Litigation Lawyer in Egg Harbor Township, NJ

In the weeks and months after losing a loved one, emotions run high. This can lead to disagreements and arguments you might never have otherwise. When family members disagree about what their loved one would want, it can be difficult to find middle ground and settle this type of dispute. All too often, this results in rifts between siblings and other family members, and even litigation.

A Bratton Law Group estate litigation lawyer in Egg Harbor Township, NJ can help you find ways to try to resolve these disputes before it comes to this. We want you to reach agreements you can all be happy and keep your family relationships intact. When this is not possible, we can represent you in front of the judge, and defend your deceased family member’s wishes in court.

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Common Causes of Egg Harbor Township, New Jersey Estate Disputes

In most cases, estate disputes arise when there is no will,, or when there are questions about the validity of the will.

There Is No Will

When there is no will, attempting to follow the deceased’s wishes can quickly turn into a “he said, she said” battle. There are no guidelines about who should handle the estate or who the assets should go to, other than intestacy laws, which can prompt disagreements.

The Will Is Not Valid

In some cases, the deceased left a will, but there are questions about its validity. Most newer wills written with the help of an estate law attorney will have witness signatures and a notary stamp. This makes it much easier to prove their validity and enter them into probate quickly.

There Are Questions About “Lack of Capacity”

A lack of capacity claim is a common reason family members dispute an estate plan with a seemingly valid will. They question whether their loved one had the knowledge to understand what they were doing at the time they made the will and if it represents their true wishes. We can help you raise this type of concern or fight a false claim.

Family Members Claim Undue Influence

Undue influence is the other common reason family members dispute a seemingly valid will. This usually occurs when one heir or branch of the family tree receives most of the assets. Often, those removed from the will believe family members coerced their loved one or otherwise convinced them to change the will and give them a larger portion of the inheritance.

Challenges Against the Estate Administrator

Estate administrators have a lot of power and responsibility while they are handling the assets in an estate. If there are any concerns about their competency or ethics, it pays to make them known. At the same time, many false accusations may occur during this process. We can help you through either of these situations, defending your loved one’s legacy and protecting your reputation.
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Services Available from Our Egg Harbor Township, NJ Team

At Bratton Law Group, we have an estate litigation team that consists of:

  • Estate law attorneys
  • Social workers
  • A registered nurse

This interdisciplinary team helps us better meet your needs, often mediating estate disputes before they turn into litigation. However, if your loved one’s estate does end up in court, our attorneys will be by your side fighting to protect your loved one’s wishes.

When a New Jersey estate dispute arises, we can:

  • Explain what you are up against, and how you can protect your loved one’s legacy
  • Employ effective dispute resolution tactics to try to prevent litigation
  • Act as an ally to defend your reputation and best interests
  • Protect your loved one’s assets from the unethical acts of an administrator
  • Fight to ensure you inherit the assets your loved one designated for you
  • Represent you in court to the judge and jury

As an estate planning law firm, estate litigation is just one area we cover. We can also help you with a wide range of other estate administration services that may prevent a disagreement or dispute in the first place. This could include:

  • Helping you understand your duties as an executor or estate administrator
  • Explaining the language in wills, trusts, and other estate planning documents
  • Walking you through the New Jersey probate process as the administrator
  • Handling the estate administration process on your behalf
  • Investigating and raising undue influence and lack of capacity claims
  • Valuation of assets, including getting appraisals of unusual assets and collections
  • Assistance handling the payment of debts and final bills
  • Funding trusts as set up by and described in the estate plan

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Talk to an Estate Litigation Attorney in Egg Harbor Township, New Jersey, Today

At Bratton Law Group, our estate litigation attorneys offer proven dispute resolution strategies to try to work out any disagreements before they can lead to litigation. We can give you the legal advice and support you need to solve your differences before a relatively minor dispute can lead to in-fighting and lawsuits.

We will do everything we can to ensure this process is not more difficult for you than it has to be. However, if a solution is not possible, we will aggressively fight for your best interests in court, representing you to the judge and arguing for a positive outcome on your behalf.

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