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Elder Law Attorney in Ewing

Did you know there are ways to ensure you receive the quality of care and legal protection you need even if you can no longer make decisions about your own health care and finances? An elder law attorney in Ewing can help you put a plan in place that provides for your current and future medical care, home health care, and long-term facility costs; protects your assets; and helps you gain peace of mind about legal issues that could arise.

At Bratton Law Group, our elder law team includes social workers, registered nurses, elder care coordinators, and elder law attorneys. We use a compassionate and understanding approach to put all our clients at ease, and learn more about their individual needs. We can build a life care plan, draft an estate plan, or use other legal documents to ensure your executor, family, and the court honor your wishes even if you can no longer voice them.

We can also help you navigate the process for an aging family member or other dependent who relies on you to safeguard his continued care and security. Call our office today at 856 770 2744 or contact us through our confidential online form.

Why Is Elder Law and Planning So Important?

Today, Americans are living longer than ever before. Unfortunately, though, many of us are living out our final years without the money to pay for appropriate medical care, necessary in-home assistance, or space in a quality long-term care facility. We spend the money we worked all our lives for to pay for care, and, in many cases, even that is not enough to provide us with the quality of life we deserve.

To make matters worse, many of us will suffer from dementia or other health conditions that prevent us from making our own choices about our health care and finances.

You can avoid this situation by reaching out to an elder law attorney and getting a plan in place now, long before you are in this position. We can put a plan together that honors your needs and preferences and gives you peace of mind about the future.

At Bratton Law Group, our elder care team includes professionals in long-term care planning, estate law, and Medicaid. We also have social workers who work closely with your family to understand your deepest worries, and recommend resources and solutions. Our lawyers put a plan in place that ensures you receive the highest quality of care possible while protecting your assets and reducing your financial concerns now and in the future.
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How Can Bratton Law Group Help Prevent Common Elder Law Issues?

As elder law attorneys, we see many of the same issues crop up over and over. Many seniors and their families come to us as their health begins to deteriorate, and their quality of life is beginning to suffer. We can, of course, help them. But we can also help you design a preemptive plan to reduce your worries about your own care or your family’s financial future.

Some of the most common elder law issues we help clients with include:

Protecting Their Assets

If you have any sort of savings or investments, you likely want them to go to provide for your family and their financial future after you are gone. However, without adequate health insurance and long-term care coverage, you could end up spending these assets to pay for your medical and/or assisted living or nursing home care. We can help you put a plan in place to protect your assets long before you need this type of around-the-clock care. This may include establishing a trust, or using other estate planning tools.

Establishing A Guardianship or Conservatorship

We can help you assign a trusted loved one to make health and/or financial decisions on your behalf if you are ever incapacitated and cannot make them on your own. We can explain the pros and cons of guardianship, conservatorship, and durable power of attorney, and help you make the decision that is right for your family. We can also help establish a guardianship or conservatorship for an aging loved one or another dependent adult.

Paying for Long Term Care or Nursing Home Care

Private health insurance often does not cover nursing home placement and other long-term care. This means you either need to have a long-term care insurance policy, invest the assets you saved during your working years, or qualify for Medicaid to pay for this necessary care.

For most people, the best option is relying on Medicaid to pay their bills; however, this is often complicated by the income and asset limits required to qualify for Medicaid. We can help you put a plan in place that protects as many of your assets as possible while also getting you the government benefits you need.

Helping Understand Future Legal Needs

Many people are simply unsure what they may need to do in regards to life care planning, Medicaid planning, or estate planning. We can answer any questions you may have. A good starting point is our resource library, including our Elder Law Check-up Form. We also offer consultations during which we can answer any questions you might have. You can reach us via phone or through our contact form at any time.
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How Is Bratton Law Group Different from Other Elder Law Firms?

At Bratton Law Group, our team prides itself on handling the legal needs of each client with compassion. While many law firms can seem cold and impersonal, we have social workers and elder care coordinators who strive to create a comfortable, warm, and understanding environment for your family.

We want to get to know you, and help you identify your needs and preferences for long-term care and estate planning. By focusing on your individual situation and basing our recommendations on your needs, we make it easier to have the difficult conversations, and give you a peace of mind about you and your family’s future.

Bratton Law Group: Ewing Elder Law Attorneys You Can Trust

At Bratton Law Group, our Ewing elder law team counsels families from many different circumstances and backgrounds. No matter your situation, we can help you put a plan in place to protect your future. Our social workers and attorneys also offer support and resources that make it easier to focus on spending time with your family instead of wondering if they will be okay after you are gone.

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