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Elder Law Attorney in Haddonfield

Many people fear becoming incapacitated as they age, but are not sure how to protect their safety and security. An elder law attorney in Haddonfield, NJ has the experience you need to get your life care plan, estate plan, and other documents in order long before that time comes. Call Bratton Law Group today at 856 644 4280.

We can help you plan for medical care, long-term care, asset protection, and a myriad of other common issues seniors face. We can even guide you through the process for an aging family member who needs your help safeguarding their quality of life and continued care.

Understanding the Importance of Elder Law and Planning for the Future

Seniors are one of the most vulnerable populations in the United States. Many suffer because they do not have the money to pay for adequate medical care, in-home assistance, or a quality long-term care facility. As we grow older, many of us will suffer from limited mobility, blindness, dementia, Alzheimer’s, or another condition that prevents us from living independently.

If we do not have a plan in place that prepares for this undesirable reality, our quality of life may suffer dramatically. Do not wait until you are in desperate need of help to act. Acting now can prevent you from ever lacking the resources you need.

We have experienced and knowledgeable professionals in long-term care planning, elder law, and Medicaid  on our staff, along with social workers who can help connect families with resources for their aging loved ones. Our elder law attorneys in Haddonfield, NJ can craft the documents necessary to minimize your future financial concerns, allowing you to focus on the things you enjoy in life instead of worrying about what may happen to you or your family in the future.

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How Can we Prevent Common Elder Law Issues?

  • Putting Assets in Jeopardy
  • Needing Guardianship or Conservatorship
  • Paying for Healthcare and Long-Term Care

There are many issues seniors may face as they age and their health conditions lead to further impairments. Our elder law and estate planning firm knows what these challenges are, and how to prevent them from becoming major issues in your life. Consider these common problems:

Putting Assets in Jeopardy

When you need medical or long-term care but do not have adequate health insurance or long-term care coverage, it quickly drains your bank account and may force you to liquidate other assets. There are options to ensure you have coverage for your care while also preserving your family’s financial future. We can help you protect your assets through a trust, moving assets, gifting, and other estate planning options in Haddonfield, NJ.

Needing Guardianship or Conservatorship

There are several options for seniors who suffer from an accident injury or illness that leaves them incapacitated. If your loved one cannot make their own health decisions or cannot manage their own finances — or if you suffer from a condition that may result in this outcome – our Bratton Scott elder care attorneys in Haddonfield, NJ can help you understand options including guardianship, conservatorship, and durable power of attorney .

These options allow you to assign someone to help make health decisions and protect any assets. These options have pros and cons; we will need to discuss your situation in detail to determine the most appropriate option.

Paying for Healthcare and Long-Term Care

Long-term care is expensive, and most private health insurance policies do not cover it. You will either need to invest in long-term care insurance or rely on Medicaid to pay for your care if you hope to pass your assets on to your family. The Medicaid rules make this difficult, however. A Haddonfield elder law lawyer understand these rules, and can help you establish a trust or other option that protects your assets from Medicaid.

A Haddonfield elder law attorney can answer any of your questions about elder law, life care planning, and estate planning. We also have a collection of documents to help you better understand your options, including an Elder Law Check-Up Form you can download for free. Of course, we are also available over the phone, or through our online contact form or live chat to answer any questions you may have about elder law.

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Elder Law Guidance with Compassion and Understanding

At Bratton and Scott, our focus is on the legal needs of families. Naturally, this includes both planning for elder care and ensuring your aging loved ones receive the best care possible. When a senior needs in-home care or needs to move to assisted living or a nursing home, the costs are often high enough to put almost any family into debt. We can help you protect your assets while also getting the quality health care you or your loved one needs.

We pride ourselves on handling every conversation with compassion and understanding. We sit down and talk with every family we work with, getting to know their needs, and studying their individual circumstances to best meet their needs. We can help you get the quality long-term care you deserve, at a price you can afford without jeopardizing your family’s financial future. We also have licensed social workers and registered nurses on our staff who can provide support and resources to you and your family.

Haddonfield Elder Law Attorneys You Can Rely On

At Bratton Law Group, our Haddonfield, NJ elder law attorneys have experience counseling families on a wide range of issues significant to seniors and the aging population. We can review your circumstances, help you understand your options, and craft the right documents to meet your needs.

We also offer additional support to your family, allowing you to worry less about your finances and, instead, focus on spending quality time with those you love. The sooner you have our skilled elder care attorneys on your side, the sooner you can get the peace of mind you need about future care or the care of your aging loved one.

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