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Life Care Planning Attorney in Haddonfield

A Life Care Plan is the best way to give you control of your care and your assets as you age. By taking the time to plan for your future or the future of a beloved family member, you reduce stress and gain peace of mind. Having a Life Care Plan allows you to take charge of your future health care needs and where your assets go, rather than simply reacting to what happens as you grow older. Our Life Care Planning team at Bratton Law Group, consisting of attorneys, social workers, and a registered nurse, can help you plan for what happens when age, an illness or injury prevents you from living independently or making decisions on your own. We can also help you put a plan in place for a beloved elder who already needs long-term care. For help from a life care planning attorney in Haddonfield, NJ, call 856 644 4280.

Life Care Plans Provide Real World Benefits for You and Your Loved Ones

A Life Care Plan is a personalized plan outlining your needs and priorities, and ensuring your health care, asset distribution, and other major decisions occur based on your wishes.

At the heart of our Life Care Planning Team is an elder care coordinator that works closely with your family to help you identify current and likely future care needs. We ask the tough questions and broach difficult topics with compassion, and use the information we gather during this process to shape your Life Care Plan. This caring, empathetic process allows us to identify your priorities as well as your or your loved one’s specific needs.

Also vital to your Life Care Plan, or the plan we create for your loved one, is a strategic arrangement that provides the best care possible with the highest possible quality of life, in your preferred living situation. Depending on your family’s priorities, this may be at home, assisted living or a nursing home.

As a part of your plan, our life care planning attorneys in Haddonfield, NJ will analyze your financial situation and offer you legal options to preserve your assets while taking advantage of government health care benefits such as Medicaid, and VA benefits. We may be able to offer legal strategies that allow your heirs to inherit the money you worked hard to earn.

From the outside, it may seem that many of the components of a Life Care Plan center on ironing out legal issues for the future. However, these plans cover much more than that. These plans also offer legal protection, health care coordination, and advocacy, providing peace of mind knowing you have our knowledgeable elder care attorneys in Haddonfield, NJ and an elder care coordinator on your side.

For a legal consultation with a life care planning lawyer in Haddonfield, call 856 644 4280

Who Needs a Life Care Plan?

Many people opt to create a Life Care Plan with us after suffering a traumatic injury or receiving a diagnosis of a chronic or terminal illness. Others call on our compassionate team of elder care coordinators for their loved one when they recognize their growing need for additional care. While our Life Care Planning Team can create a plan for anyone, we encourage you to call us if you or a loved one faces:

  • A diagnosis of cancer, Alzheimer’s disease, Parkinson’s disease, or another terminal illness
  • A traumatic injury that may cause a loss of mobility or permanent disability
  • Falls that make you question your loved one’s ability to live independently
  • A stroke, heart attack, or similar condition
  • A decrease in self-care abilities
  • Any permanent disability
  • Significant signs of aging, including increased fall risk, forgetfulness, and weakness

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A Life Care Plan: Offering Benefits You Can Rely On

Our life care planning attorney in Haddonfield, NJ, elder care coordinator, and other team members develop personalized Life Care Plans to describe, organize, and provide for every aspect of a senior’s care. This includes:

  • Current and future healthcare planning
  • Estate planning
  • Preserving assets
  • Planning how to pay for care costs
  • Ensuring they receive public benefits if possible
  • Coordinating care
  • Medical decision making via power of attorney
  • Financial decision making via power of attorney
  • Advocacy
  • Emergency or crisis management
  • A myriad of other services and support based on individual needs

Life Care Plans offer three primary benefits to both the subject and their family:

  • Provide appropriate and adequate care based on the family’s priorities and the best option to maintain a high quality of life for everyone involved, as well as coordinating other care resources and legal protections to ensure the senior remains safe and comfortable.
  • Identify all sources of income and benefits to pay for long-term care, including preserving assets and relying on government benefits such as Medicaid when possible, and forming a plan that ensures care is affordable.
  • Offering the entire family peace of mind knowing their loved one is getting the best care possible and that the care will not deplete their assets.

Discuss Your Needs with an Life Care Planning Attorney and Life Care Planning Team in Haddonfield, NJ

At Bratton Law Group, we have a compassionate and supportive Life Care Planning team ready to go to work for your family, creating a plan that ensures your aging loved one receives the high quality of care she deserves.

The Bratton Law Group legal team in Haddonfield, NJ team includes skilled life care planning attorney, licensed social workers, and a registered nurse, and others who understand how difficult this process can be. We put your loved one’s best interests first, just like you always will. We provide a high level of client advocacy during the life care planning process, and ensure a coordination of services beyond the planning stages. We also work to protect your loved one’s assets, doing all we can to ensure they remain in the family.

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