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Elder Law Attorney in Linwood

It is difficult to think about your final years or what happens to your family immediately after your death, but many legal challenges can occur during this period. If you have ever faced this time with a loved one, or are in the thick of it at the moment, an elder law attorney in Linwood can help ensure your family members do not face the same hurdles.

We are ready to go to work for you. We treat every one of our clients and their families as individuals, looking at the specifics of their situation and building a collection of tools and resources to address them in the most effective, compassionate, and understanding way possible. This may include estate planningMedicaid planning, or even a comprehensive Life Care Plan. We can also help you address any important or emerging issues related to elder care and elder law.

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What Are Some of The Most Common Elder Law Issues in Linwood?

We can help address almost any concern related to elder care or elder law. Some of the most common concerns our clients bring to us include:

Wills and Asset Protection

Many people do not think they have a large enough nest egg to worry about asset protection, or to make and update a will regularly. However, these are concerns everyone should address no matter their financial standing. We often see families engaged in disputes and even litigation because their loved ones had this same attitude.

Guardianship or Conservatorship

If there ever comes a time when you (or an aging loved one) cannot make medical or financial decisions on your own, you will want to have a plan in place for who will make this decision and perhaps provide some guidance about your preferences. We can help you understand guardianships, conservatorships, and durable powers of attorney, and offer support that helps you choose between them based on your situation.

Paying for In-Home or Nursing Home Care

All too often, we talk to families who are at risk of losing their savings and investments because a parent or spouse requires long term care that private health insurance does not cover. We can help you solve these puzzles, and plan for your family’s financial future. Often, we can help you put a plan in place that would allow you to qualify for Medicaid. If we start this plan early enough, we can often use trusts or other tools to protect your assets from divestment before you can qualify for government benefits.

Full-Service Life Care Planning

Sometimes, we see clients who are simply looking for reassurance about their future. They are not sure what they need, but want to know they will get the level of medical care they require, while still ensuring they can meet their family’s financial needs. We can identify their specific needs and help them with estate planning, Medicaid planning, or comprehensive Life Care Planning.

If any of these situations sound familiar, do not hesitate to use our Elder Law Check-up Form or reach out to our elder law team today.

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Is There Any Way to Prevent These New Jersey Elder Care Concerns?

Many elder law problems are easily preventable with proper planning. There is no reason you must face your final years spending your children’s inheritance on a bed in a sub-par long-term care facility or why your family should fight over your estate after you pass away. By planning ahead, you can make all your medical and financial decisions now before you suffer an incapacitating injury or illness, or lose the ability to live independently. This ensures your family members, doctors, and others follow your wishes when it comes to your medical care and your assets.

Our team includes not only elder law attorneys, but skilled coordinators, supportive social workers, and a registered nurse. We are ready to examine your situation, identify your preferences and needs, and build an elder care plan that helps you avoid the most common issues and gives you peace of mind about growing older. Many of our clients tell us they feel much more confident about their family’s financial well-being after working with our elder law team.
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What Sets Bratton Estate & Elder Care Attorneys Apart from Other Elder Law Firms?

Bratton Estate & Elder Care Attorneys is much more than just a law firm. Law firms can be cold and stiff, and offer little in the way of emotional support. At Bratton Estate & Elder Care Attorneys, our elder law team prides itself on providing empathy and understanding in addition to legal advice and tools.

Our elder care coordinators and trained social workers always make it a priority to create a comforting and supportive environment for every client and every family. Our team gets to know each family individually. We know that every situation is different, so we do not handle cases with a one-size-fits-all mentality. Instead, we approach these difficult conversations with compassion and offer your aging family members the dignity they deserve. We can set your mind at ease, both during your visit with our team and in the future.

Bratton Estate & Elder Care Attorneys: Your Compassionate Linwood Elder Law Team

The Linwood elder law team at Bratton Estate & Elder Care Attorneys is here to help you, no matter your situation. We work with families from all circumstances and backgrounds, including high-asset situations, those in the LGBTQ community, and even those with high levels of debt. No matter your age or impairment, we can likely offer you peace of mind through our legal representation or elder law planning.

One conversation with one of our elder law coordinators and you will understand the Bratton Estate & Elder Care Attorneys difference. Our social workers offer support, while our lawyers help find the solutions to your biggest concerns about aging. Call us today at 609 293 5369 to make an appointment.
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