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Lower Merion Estate Administration Lawyer

If you recently lost a loved one and need support and guidance for administering their Lower Merion, PA estate plan, an estate administration lawyer in Lower Merion, PA from Bratton Estate & Elder Care Attorneys is here to help. We can handle every step of the process, from entering the will into probate to distributing the assets to heirs. We can also represent you in any estate dispute or litigation that occurs, trying to solve disagreements before they become adversarial.

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Entering a Will into Probate in Lower Merion, PA

The first step you must take when handling your loved one’s estate is to enter it into probate. In Lower Merion, PA, this means visiting the Montgomery County Register of Wills at 425 Swede Street in Norristown. The Register of Wills is on the 4th floor.

Once there, they will walk you through the process. This process will confirm you – or the named administrator – as the executor of the will and give you the authority to access your loved one’s accounts and take the remaining steps necessary to administer the estate.

While the process to enter a will into probate is often relatively simple in Pennsylvania, many steps in the estate administration process are not easy, and you may find that you do not have the skills or the time to carry them out on your own. To complete this process, you will need to:

  • Identify all your loved one’s financial accounts, any other assets, and all debts;
  • Use their accounts to pay remaining debts and final expenses;
  • Get any remaining property and other physical assets appraised;
  • Calculate and pay any necessary state or federal taxes;
  • Make any charitable donations requested in the estate plan; and
  • Distribute all remaining assets as assigned in the estate plan

Depending on the circumstances, there may be other steps you will need to complete to fulfill the demands of the will. For example, imagine your loved one wanted to put their life insurance payout in a trust for their adult child with special needs. You will want to work with an attorney or accountant to handle this process and ensure the trust gets created and funded properly.

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Our Attorneys Can Help You Administer Your Loved One’s Lower Merion, PA, Estate

Estate administration is difficult and time-consuming. Many people find it incredibly frustrating, especially while trying to balance their job, other family obligations, and the recent loss of their loved one. The good news is that there is no reason you have to try to battle through this process on your own.

An estate administration lawyer in Lower Merion, PA can help you navigate the steps and settle their estate, no matter how complex. We can also take on estate administration for high-asset estates.

When you decide to partner with our team for help with estate administration, we will navigate the process with the knowledge and know-how that can only come with handling hundreds of similar cases in the past. While you may only serve as an estate administrator once or twice in your life, we do it regularly.

Trust us to take on your loved one’s estate, and we will:

  • Handle every step of the probate process;
  • Identify the most qualified appraiser to put a value on all assets;
  • Calculate and pay any necessary debts, taxes, and final expenses;
  • Walk you through any necessary decisions, including explaining possible tax implications;
  • Make and report all requested planned giving and charity donations;
  • Creating and funding trusts as called for in the estate plan; and
  • Distributing assets as outlined in the will.

If you let us take on the administration of your loved one’s Lower Merion, PA estate, you can focus on spending time with your family, mourning the loss of your loved one, and getting back to normal as much as possible. We will take care of the rest, although we will give you regular status updates and can discuss the progress with you anytime you call.

We can meet with you and your family in Lower Merion, PA, or in Philadelphia, Haddonfield, Linwood, or Ewing, NJ. Call us at 856 770 2744 today to discuss our services with a member of our team.

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Letting Our Team Handle Your Case Reduces the Risk of Litigation

Unfortunately, estate disputes and litigation do occur. And when they do, they often pit close relatives against one another. By letting our team handle the administration of your loved one’s estate, you can reduce the risk of a dispute because there will be no challenge to raise about whether you are capable of handling it on your own.

If there is a disagreement about something else, our team has trained in proven alternative dispute resolution techniques. We can use mediation and other resources to try to reach an agreement between you and a family member or between other potential heirs. If there is litigation, we will stand behind you through this process and represent your best interests every step of the way.

Talk to an Estate Administration Lawyer in Lower Merion, PA

At Bratton Estate & Elder Care Attorneys, our team offers many estate planning and estate administration resources. Our team can help you manage your loved one’s estate and reduce the risk of litigation related to their last will and testament. Let us get started helping you administer your loved one’s will today.

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