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Medicaid Planning Lawyer in Medford Township, NJ

If you are wondering how to pay for nursing home or other long-term care, a Medicaid planning lawyer in Medford Township, NJ from Bratton Estate and Elder Care Attorneys can help. We can explain the qualifications for Medicaid and put a strategy in place that allows you or your loved one to qualify for these benefits sooner. Let us go to work protecting your assets and ensuring you or your family member gets the care they need.

Call us today at 856 770 2744 to discuss your situation with a member of our team. In addition to asset protection attorneys, our staff also includes social workers and a registered nurse. All our clients meet with a member of our team, discussing needs and preferences before we take any action.

Medicaid Will Cover Your Loved One’s Long-Term Care

Most nursing home residents and those living in similar long-term care facilities need Medicaid benefits to pay for their care. Private health insurance and Medicare do not pay for long-term care, the costs of which are too high to pay out-of-pocket for most people. Medicaid, however, will. For many families, Medicaid is the only way they can afford to get their loved one the around-the-clock care they need without spending every penny they have.

Qualifying for Medicaid

Medicaid is a need-based government benefit program. Your income must be low, and you must have few assets to quality. These limits, which the government strictly enforces, prevent many people who need Medicaid from being able to access it until after they spend down their savings and leave their loved ones with what little is left.

All too often, seniors have to sell off valuable assets and property and use their nest eggs to pay for their care instead of protecting their spouse or leaving an inheritance to their children and grandchildren. Only after they spend all they have do they meet the requirements for Medicaid. With a Medicaid planning strategy in place, you can avoid this situation. We can help you plan ahead and work within the Medicaid rules to protect your assets.

Why You Should Engage in Medicaid Planning

Our Medford Township Medicaid planning attorneys can help develop a strategy that will allow you or your loved one to qualify for Medicaid sooner while also keeping more of your hard-earned assets for your spouse and the next generation. It is important to start now. If we start planning, we could:

  • Protect assets for your spouse
  • Move your family’s assets into a trust
  • Gift valuables to friends, family, and other loved ones
  • Move money into your child’s account
  • Donate to your favorite charity
  • Take other steps to prevent Medicaid from counting your assets

If we do not have five years to plan, we can still help you. We will develop a strategy that protects as many of your assets as possible based on your financial situation and the urgency of your need for long-term care. There may be some assets that must go to paying for your care. But our plan will help maximize the assets left for your family and minimize the penalty Medicaid levies against you.

Trying to Plan for Medicaid on Your Own Can Get You Into Trouble

It is imperative that you discuss your Medicaid planning needs with an attorney before trying to handle this process on your own. The rules for qualifying for Medicaid are complex, and you can quickly get yourself in trouble if you do not fully understand the regulations.

When you apply for Medicaid, the government look back five years to ensure you have not simply given away or moved assets. Even selling valuable collectibles could jeopardize your benefits. Medicaid administrators could penalize you, making you serve a penalty period without benefits before they allow you to reapply.

The Role of Asset Protection

When you work with a Medicaid planning attorney in Medford Township, it may be possible to move assets and protect your nest egg by using legal strategies to avoid breaking Medicaid rules. While getting started at least five years in advance offers the best opportunity to protect all your assets, we can help you even if you or your family member already lives in a nursing home, assisted living facility, or another long-term care home.

Our Team Believes In Getting to Know Our Clients

Bratton Estate and Elder Care Attorneys takes a unique approach to Medicaid planning. Every client meets with one of our social workers before we begin developing a legal strategy. We will work with you and your family to help your loved one get the care they need while also protecting as many of your hard-earned assets as possible.

We always want to get to know our clients and their families before we determine what legal approach will work best for them. You will discuss your needs and preferences with one of our social workers before we get to work on your plan.

Let Us Create a Custom Asset Protection Plan for You

Only once we have a good idea of how we can best address your needs do we begin building a custom asset protection plan for your family. You can count on our attorneys to develop a strategy to protect your nest egg while you or your loved one receives the Medicaid benefits they need sooner.

Our elder law lawyers understand how to navigate the complex Medicaid laws and will put a strategy in place that maximizes your asset protection.

Talk to a Medicaid Planning Lawyer in Medford Township, NJ

If you and your family need help with planning for nursing home or long-term care or are struggling to pay for the care your loved one needs now, the team from Bratton Estate and Elder Care Attorneys is here for you. Our Medford Township team can review your family’s needs, discuss your preferences and priorities, and create a plan that will work well for you.

Call our office today at 856 770 2744 to see how a Medicaid planning lawyer in Medford Township, NJ can help you and your family.