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Elder Law Attorney in Philadelphia

At Bratton Law Group, we do more than help our clients handle elder law issues. We look at every family’s needs and take an interdisciplinary approach to addressing them. This allows us to provide the support and guidance your family needs to navigate complex elder law issues and make difficult decisions with confidence. We get to know every family’s unique priorities and preferences, ensuring we meet their current and future needs with each service we provide.

Whether you have an emergent elder care issue or want to discuss long-term planning options, our elder law attorney in Philadelphia can help. Call us today at 267 323 4038 to schedule a time to talk to one of our attorneys.

Let Us Help with All Your Elder Law Concerns

At Bratton Law Group, we can help with almost any elder law concern you may have, no matter if you need urgent legal advice or want to be proactive in creating a plan for your parent, yourself, or another family member.

We can help you and your family:

  • Deal with elder care emergencies when immediate legal assistance is necessary
  • Address emerging elder care issues before a crisis occurs
  • Help you put a Life Care Plan in place to address your future care
  • Ensure your aging family members get the appropriate level of care
  • Create a plan that helps you or a loved one maintain a high quality of life
  • Work to prevent or fight elder abuse
  • Ensure you or an aging loved one is able to maintain control of their future even after they can no longer make decisions on their own

Our goal is to reduce the unnecessary stress on you and your family members. We will work closely with your family to address all your current and future elder law concerns, often before they come to your attention.

For a legal consultation with an elder law lawyer in Philadelphia, call 267 323 4038

We Have a Unique Approach to Philadelphia Elder Law and Planning

At Bratton Law Group, we take an interdisciplinary approach to every case, thanks to our team of elder law attorneys, social workers, and a registered nurse. We can offer compassionate support and guidance while ensuring we answer all your questions about elder law as they relate to your loved one’s health condition and specific circumstances.

We know how to address your concerns about elder care, elder law, and Medicaid planning in a simple way that speaks directly to how it affects your family and your unique needs. We not only handle complex, pressing elder law issues, but we can also help you design a long-term plan that best suits your family. This may include:

  • Estate plans
  • Life Care Plans
  • Asset protection plans
  • Medicaid planning

When you trust our team with your elder law and estate planning needs, we take this trust seriously. We sit down with your family and get to know your preferences and priorities. Only once we understand your needs will we begin to suggest tools or services to help you reach your goals. Like you, we want to ensure your aging loved ones get the appropriate level of support and maintain the high quality of life they deserve.

Philadelphia Elder Law Lawyer 267 323 4038

Common Elder Law Issues in Philadelphia, PA

We can help you with even the most complex elder care and elder law issues. Call us today to learn more about getting help with:

Immediate Crisis Intervention

Sometimes an elder law concern develops into a crisis before you realize it. We can provide immediate crisis intervention services or help you address your emerging elder care needs. This may include assisting you with:

  • Reporting and protecting your loved one from suspected elder abuse
  • Creating or discussing advanced health care directives
  • Determining if you need to establish guardianship and conservatorship
  • Figuring out how to pay for around-the-clock care, assisted living, or a nursing home placement

Establish Guardianship or Conservatorship

If your aging loved one is unable to continue making medical or financial decisions on their own, and there is no plan in place for someone to handle these decisions, you may need to consider the guardianship or conservatorship process. We can also help create a durable power of attorney that allows you to name an agent to make decisions in case you are ever in this position so that you can avoid guardianship.

Life Care Planning

Life Care Planning allows us to address both your current and future healthcare needs. We can put a plan in place that serves as a roadmap for your future care, letting you make decisions today in case you are not able to when the time comes. This gives you control of your quality of life and your family’s financial future, no matter what happens to your health in the future.

Medicaid Planning

Many people eventually need assisted living or nursing home care as they age. This type of around-the-clock care is expensive, and most families rely on Medicaid to pay for it.

We will attempt to protect your nest egg from the Medicaid spend down if you or a family member goes into a nursing home. We can put legal strategies in place that protect some or all of your assets from Medicaid, allowing you to still pass your hard-earned money on to your heirs. The sooner we get started on Medicaid Planning for your family, the more assets we can protect.

Talk to an Elder Law Attorney in Philadelphia, PA

At Bratton Scott, our elder law attorneys can help you keep your aging loved ones safe. We can address your urgent concerns and work to protect your family’s financial future even if you one day require around-the-clock care. Our long-term comprehensive planning services offer peace of mind you cannot get anywhere else.

You can reach one of our elder law attorneys in Philadelphia today by calling 267 323 4038.

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