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Winslow Township Estate Administration Lawyer

If you recently lost a loved one and face the task of serving as executor of their will or administrator of their estate, you may feel anxious and stressed about this process. It is not unusual to feel overwhelmed or even frightened about estate litigation in Winslow Township, NJ. These are daunting tasks that require both time and skill – things you may not feel confident you can provide.

At Bratton Estate & Elder Care Attorneys, our team knows how to enter a will into probate, navigate the estate administration process, and distribute the assets as described in the estate documents. Call 856 770 2744 for guidance or to let us handle the process on your behalf.

Administering a Winslow Township Estate Requires Many Complex Steps

At Bratton Estate & Elder Care Attorneys, we understand the complexities of administering an estate. You may even need special knowledge or to call in an expert to help you.

Navigating the New Jersey estate administration process requires you to:

  • Enter the will into probate and gain access to your loved one’s accounts
  • Identify all debts and assets related to the estate, including financial accounts, hidden money, real estate, and collections
  • Pay any outstanding debts and final expenses out of the available assets
  • Put a fair value on any and all assets
  • Calculate and pay any taxes due out of the available assets
  • Fund any trusts or make other financial transactions as required in the estate plan
  • Make any donations to charities as included in the estate plan
  • Calculate the value of the remaining assets and distribute them according to the will or other estate plan documents

While many of these steps seem straightforward, they are often more complicated than they seem. Putting a fair value on all assets, for example, may require the help of real estate appraisers or identifying an expert who can value your loved one’s prized wine collection. Factors that make estate administration more difficult may include:

  • A high-asset estate
  • A wide variety of investments or assets
  • Unusual and unique collections

Trying to navigate the steps of this process on your own is both stressful and unnecessary. Call our team today at 856 770 2744 and let an estate administration lawyer in Winslow Township, NJ help you.

For a legal consultation with a estate administration lawyer in Winslow Township, call 856 770 2744

Understanding the Camden County Probate Process

Aside from accessing a copy of your loved one’s will that may be inside a safe deposit box or other secure location, the first step of the estate administration process is entering the will into probate with the Camden County Surrogate Court. You will need to visit the Surrogate’s office in the Aletha Wright Administration Building, located at:

600 Market Street

Camden, New Jersey 08102

Camden County also operates two satellite locations by appointment, one in Gloucester Township and another at Voorhees Town Center.

You will take an original copy of the will and your loved one’s death certificate with you to the Surrogate’s office. These documents are necessary to verify the will is authentic and valid. If the will has a notary stamp, it is likely self-proving, and you will not require any additional documentation.

Entering the will into probate is an important step because it is how you will legally gain access to handle your loved one’s assets. You can do this any time after your loved one passes away, although there is a short waiting period before they will issue you a certificate that proves to the bank and other institutions that you can legally access your loved one’s financial accounts.
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Let Bratton Estate & Elder Care Attorneys Administer Your Loved One’s Estate on Your Behalf

There is no reason why you need to deal with the stress of administering your loved one’s estate on your own. An estate administration lawyer in Winslow Township, NJ from Bratton Estate & Elder Care Attorneys can take on these tasks for you, leaving you free to focus on mourning your loved one and spending time with your family.

When you ask us to handle your estate administration tasks, we can complete the entire process from start to finish. This may include:

  • Entering the will into probate in Camden County, NJ and taking care of the related tasks
  • Identifying all accounts and other assets, as well as any outstanding debts
  • Working closely with appraisers and experts when necessary to value any collections, real estate, or other similar assets
  • Calculating any expenses that need to get paid, including taxes and final expenses
  • Weighing any possible inheritance tax implications, as detailed by the New Jersey Department of Division of Taxation
  • Making and reporting all requested charitable donations
  • Funding trusts and handling other related tasks
  • Distributing assets to heirs according to the will, when available

While it could take you weeks or even months to work through this list, our team handles these tasks regularly. This allows us to know how to take each one on in a time-effective way. We have a network of experts we can call in for appraisals or accounting questions, and our knowledge of estate law makes it easy for us to handle even the most complex and high-asset estates.

When you let us administer your loved one’s estate, it also reduces the risk of a dispute between you and other potential heirs. There is a much smaller risk of estate litigation, preserving your relationships with family and friends.

Talk to an Estate Administration Lawyer in Winslow Township, NJ

If you are the executor of your loved one’s will or named the administrator of their estate, the team from Bratton Estate & Elder Care Attorneys is here to help. We can offer guidance or take on the administration tasks on your behalf.

We can meet with you in a location that is convenient based on your home or work. We have offices in Haddonfield, Moorestown, Trenton, and Linwood, New Jersey, and Philadelphia, Pennsylvania. We can also meet in a location more central to Winslow Township if that works best for you.

Call 856 770 2744 today to learn more about how we can help with the administration of your loved one’s estate.

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