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Elder Law vs. Elder Care

Elder Care

Whether you are an aging adult seeking resources on your own behalf or the adult child of an aging senior looking out for the best interest of your parent, you have a lot to learn. Elder law, elder care, Medicaid planning and powers of attorney – all of these are likely terms that are new to you, but terms that you need to understand and become familiar with in order to ensure that you are making all of the appropriate and necessary plans for the future. It’s important to understand the difference between elder law vs elder care.

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The lawyers and elder care coordinators at Bratton Law Group Attorneys at Law are here to provide you with all of the answers that you need to these important questions. We are dedicated to ensuring that seniors and their families act in their own best interests and have the protections that are essential for securing their future.

One of the most important things that you need to understand is the difference between elder law and elder care. Elder law refers to an area of law that is specifically dedicated to the needs of older adults. Though there are very few laws that are written with the elderly in mind, there are certain areas of the law that frequently come into play as people age, and elder law attorneys focus on these areas. Elder law practice focuses on issues surrounding estate planning and administration, Medicaid planning, disability and long-term care issues, guardianship, conservatorship and other fiduciary issues, and documents such as wills trusts, powers of attorney and advanced directives.

Where elder law addresses the legal side of things, elder care is specifically oriented towards the daily living solutions and physical needs that arise as a person is no longer able to be self sufficient. Our Elder law attorneys assist with making arrangements for elder care, setting up the financial arrangements or making sure that their client’s wishes are carried out regarding the type of living arrangement that they prefer and that all of their wishes regarding life-sustaining medical measures are appropriately communicated and carried out. This is all accomplished through our Life Care Planning services and having a dedicated certified Elder Care Coordinator on staff.

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The intersection between elder law and elder care is generally very narrow, but both are areas for which it is important to have a life care plan in place.  The elder law attorneys at Bratton Law Group can provide you with invaluable assistance in investigating and deciding which elder care option is most appropriate for you. We bridge the gap between legal and physical; we go beyond simply making sure legal matters of your senior loved ones are taken care, but that their physical needs are met as well.

Because our elder care coordinators and elder law attorneys have such a wide network of resources that are involved in issues involving the elderly, they are able to provide you with valuable feedback about different caring facilities and options that are available to you. We can also create a strategy that will enable you to minimize the amount of personal assets that you need to spend on elder law, creating an asset protection plan that will work to your benefit and preserve your life’s savings for your spouse and your family.

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